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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  February 9, 2013 3:00am-7:00am PST

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don't forget, or if you're f just finding out now, youou haven't forgotten. you can watch us saturday at paci0 p.m. eastern, 8:00 p.m. thenfic. again at 2:00 a.m. that's right, twice on saturdayi >> >> we're twice tonight. hi don't t >> i don't think that's >> no, we are. 5:00 3:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. >> apparently that is true. don't u again, i don'tnd understand what it means.i know a n i know a new red eye returns mace monday. mike baker. >> time to go back to thomas time to go back to thomas for si ."e postgame roundup. nsroom >> jedeiah, when can we see youg on newsroom.litics, not sure >> monday morning, check myee ye website.o f >> tucker?aking n >> up-to-the-minute breakingkerx news on the mendez hooker sex dl caller.
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>> daily >> that's a good guess. >> i asked the people in the mendez camp and they saidettes a right wing blog. gre see for yourself. great >> greg, great having you as a r guest.>> i don'you do other shows on fox? >> no, t i pretty much hang out here. i don't have a place to go. nicotine gum from tucker, thank you. >> back to you,'s gre >> thanks, tom. thanks tonk jedeiah, bill, greg. tucker, and that does it for me. i'm andy levy, we'll see you monday. good morning, everyone. it's saturday, february 9th. we have an extreme weather alert. hundreds of thousands without power, left in the dark and cold. moremore than a foot of snow ine areas and we have live team
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coverage. >> new shocking revelations in the attack on benghazi. leon panetta painting a frightening picture about how the white house responded, or didn't. was there a crisis in leadership. >> we have a new cohost, his name is norman and he's the scooter dog. >> he's a diva. >> all right. >> he's getting ready for the show. so are we, "fox & friends" on this snowy saturday morning starts right now. >> hi folks, this is larry, you're watching "fox & friends," if you ain't, why not? >> all right, let's get to the big story, the extreme weather at this hour. a monster snowstorm is pounding the northeast in new england. this morning more than half a million homes and businesses are without power. the blizzard also blamed for at least four deaths. >> we have fox team coverage in
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new york city. rick reichmuth is outside our studio in manhattan and anna in central park. rick, let's start with you. >> ana or me. >> anna, she's better looking. >> no question. >> guys, are we going to anna first? >> okay, good morning to you guys. we're in central park right now in midtown manhattan. it's gorgeous, there's 8 inches of snow on the ground. it looks a little bit higher as i go through here. the snow is falling in long island and the new england states. connecticut has gotten 3 feet of snow and we're hearing boston got clobbered with 2 feet and still falling. there are only a handful of deaths. we heard only of one but
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allison, you're mentioning four. it appears people learned lessens following superstorm sandy and heeding the warnings. traffic bans were in place. police in new york mentioned there were hundreds of cars stuck on the long island expressway. people really thinking back to the blizzard of '78 when the last travel plan was in place in boston. residents have been getting hit hard and they're trying to keep up with the snowfall. let's take a listen. >> this is the second time i've been out. i only got this little snowblower. i need a plow. >> reporter: over 600,000 power outages around massachusetts and rhode island. outages are not as bad in new york and new jersey, connecticut. there's about 39,000 there. the airports in new york and boston, hartford, those are all
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closed. we're learning nuclear is trying to get -- newark is trying to get that airport open and get people in the air to their destinations. one good thing about this, we haven't seen kids yet because it's early, but it's a nice snow day for folks. it's nice it happened on the weekend, because there would have been more problems and folks were asked to go home from work early yesterday. >> so true. thank you so much. our kids can go out and make snowmen. let's see what rick reichmuth has to say about the storm. now we come to you. >> one of the only pretty places when it snows in new york is central park. the rest turns to mud and muck. incredible snowfall totals. look at that, hamilton, connecticut, 34 inches. st. james, connecticut, 27. smithtown new york on lindh,
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they got pummeled with a heavy band of snow. the same one that crossed long island sound. we have blizzard warnings in effect. new york city's has been canceled been rhode island, connecticut, and all of new england. we'll continue to see the snow. we got another eight hours of this snow before it's done. we could see another 5 to 8 inches of snow falling, especially coastal areas towards boston. but you see blues. one heavy band moved through new york overnight and you can see that dark blue band. that was snowing at 6 inches an hour last night. there were a couple of areas that got 13 inches in 2.5 hours. incredible snowfall. it falls that quickly and strands everybody. that's why hundred dollars -- hundreds of cars are stalled. the next few hours the snow continues to pull away from new york.
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temperatures remain below freezing. a really cold night tonight. at noon:00 -- noon o'clock? it's hanging out on cape cod and the islands until dinnertime tonight. we had a wind gust in boston at logan airport of 77 miles an hour. bedford, mass, 75. that's above hurricane force wind. providence, rhode island, 63 miles an hour. buzzards bay, 74. incredible wind along with this. and we're still dealing with it. another six or eight hours to go and probably more power outages. >> 34 inches on the ground and still snowing. >> yeah i know. we'll see if it breaks records. let's get to the headlines. the manhunt for the ex cop turned suspected murderer is
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intensifying. in a few hours police will be back out looking for christopher dorner. dozens of police officers searched 200 cabins around big bear lake but were slowedly heavy snow. in orange county, california, s.w.a.t. teams took ten bags of evidence from his mother's home. dorner is accused of killing three people in revenge for his firing from the lapd. we'll have more from a live report. a civil war in the united states was the plan of a california man who allegedly tried to set off a car bomb. the f.b.i. arrested him after he tried to detonate the explosive outside this bank of america. the bomb was part of a sting operation. he was a taliban supporter. wondering where your tax refund is? the i.r.s. is way behind on
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giving people back their money. $122 billion behind. this time last year they issued 27 billion-dollar and this year, only more than 4 billion-dollar. the i.r.s. blames the fiscal cliff and late changes to the tax policy. how would you like to go to college -- then have the school pay back your loan? that sounds good. that's what a small liberal arts school in michigan is doing. spring harbor school is reii am reimbursing students if they do not get a job after they graduate. they'll pay the loan until the student's income goes up or the loan repaid. i see a flaw in this. it's possible students won't be as motivated to look for a job. >> that's the greatest idea i've ever heard in my life. >> i was not expecting you to say that. >> are you kidding?
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i'm looking at four college tuitions. >> spring harbor. >> i love that. >> leon panetta is going to go away for a little bit. secretary of -- secretary clinton has gone away a little bit but the benghazi controversy not going away at all. >> there was a remarkable exchange between senator lindsay graham and leon panetta on the question of what happened after benghazi. >> we talked to him for 30 minutes one time. and you never talked to him again? either one of you. >> until afterwards. >> until after the attack was over. >> that's right. >> are you surprised the president of the united states never called you and said how's it going? >> you know, normally in these situations -- >> did he know the level of threat? >> let me finish the answer. we -- we were deploying the forces. he knew we were deploying the
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forces. he was kept -- >> i hate to interrupt you but i got limited time. we didn't deploy forces. my question is during that eight hour period, did the president show any curiosity about how is this going? what kind of assets do you have? did he ever make that phone call? >> look, there's no question in my mind the president of the united states was concerned about american lives. >> with all due respect i don't believe that's a credible statement if he never called and asked are we helping those people. >> surprising and shocking. >> that's a tough exchange. lindsay graham not someone you want to be on the wrong end on. >> interesting tone what the president was doing during that time. they had a half hour phone call. is the president the kind of leader who says my guys have it. i don't need to get involved. i don't want to muck things up.
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>> let's the leadership from behind idea. >> sure. this was two months before an election. was the president preoccupied? was he focused on something else? why, when there was a terrorist attack in progress, wasn't he in the situation room on the phone, making more minute-by-minute calls? steven hayes on special report and he has his own thoughts about this. >> i still didn't expect to hear from leon panetta and dempsey they didn't receive a follow-up call. you knew the u.s. facility was under attack, the embassador was missing. there had been teams deployed potentially to help in a rescue effort. this was total chaos. the u.s. facility on 9/11 under attack and the president of the united states didn't call to
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follow-up. >> you would think there would be an open lean and constant communication. >> look at the response, totally flaccid. they were left hanging fire and they died. even to this day, there's nobody in custody for the attack, despite there were security cameras all around. we have pictures of the people who did this and yet no one has been brought to justice. the response is baffling and it's shocking the president didn't call for eight hours and i don't understand why. >> i don't either. there's been so many movies devoted to the osama bin laden capture and -- or assassination. it would be nice to know the minute-by-minute internal working. it's fascinating and intriguing. surely something had to be happening in the white house. >> flip it around. what's a the justification for not revealing that information. why shouldn't the average citizen have a timeline of what
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exactly happened. our embassador was murdered. i don't understand how they can keep that information from the public. >> why didn't she call him with updates as well? we'll talk more about it. send your emails, tweets. comin. democrats say it's their right to kill americans as the president sees fit. this is or super drone. aren't these the same people against the so-called enhanced interrogation? >> he's taking rollover to a new level. norman the scooter dog is showing off his skills. >> that's what my hair looks like in the morning. >> we'll see him in a second. in ameri today we're running out of a vital resource we need
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the president the's drone war no longer secret. it's becoming more apparent the hypocrisy within the administration and outside of it. joining us, former department of justice official jay christian adams. if i have this straight, critics on the left attacked the bush administration for killing terrorists. now this white house enabled itself to kill american citizens without due process and the left is silent. what do you make of that? >> it shows it's about politics, not about principle. during the bush administration we heard we're on a road to tyranny with terrorists killed without court trials. that's what the same justice department adopted as policy. he who laughs last laughs best.
3:19 am
dick cheney must be laughing continuously. they endured years, attacks from the left. >> the bush administration did not attempt to make this policy -- did not attempt to enact it. this allows the u.s. government to kill american citizens, that's substantially different from the bush policy, isn't it? >> just a little bit. more in method than anything. american citizens were allowed to be killed in the bush policy, they just didn't use drones. during world war ii if we knew americans were helping the germans, we wouldn't convene a court are trial to see in the 82nd airborne could attack. even a broken clock is right twice a day. >> you don't think we should pause if there's an american involved? does citizenship convey a right that ought to cause us to stop?
3:20 am
>> the justice department memo does pause for a moment. it does require some element of review by the war conducting branch. it decides whether or not they can capture the person and if they're an imminent threat. if it meets the criteria, they act. there is a pause but we don't need to hold court hearings. the constitution doesn't apply in the same way during war time. and congress authorized the use of force and therefore the president has the power to act. >> that congressional authorizations just stays. so congress doesn't need to play oversight roles going forward. >> they can play oversight roles but the question is who gets to decide whether you attack a federal court judge, military tribunal or commander on the ground. i believe in the war on terror in this new weird war they have going forward that congress really should defer to the
3:21 am
executive branch. >> the president unveils this policy, or it was revealed by a reporter. he hasn't closed gitmo. the aclu hasn't said anything. >> the "new york times" will be appear pa electric. the men in the orange jumpsuits will parade in front of the white house again. which you haven't seen much of during the obama administration. the washington press will have more on the road to tyranny. this is about political theater. when the republicans do it, we're on the fast road to tyranny and -- when the obama administration does it, the left keeps quiet. >> that's a lot. next on the rundown, is your grocery bill hundreds of dollars? you could pay a lot more coming up. that's thanks to obamacare.
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kate upton graced sports illustrated swimsuit cover last year. who it turning heads this year? we have that information. we'll share it with you next. twins. i didn't see them coming.
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if the government gets its way, your trip to the store could be pricey. the fda is trying to add a rule to an obamacare mandate that could mean new regulations. joining us, regulatory council
3:26 am
for the food marketing institute. eric leverman. welcome to "fox & friends." >> good morning. >> tell me about the new labels. am i going to mcdonald's, okay the big mac has this many calories. what kind of labeling in grocery stores. >> consumers come first in the supermarket industry and this regulation will require thousands of items to be labeled in the supermarket. it's going to make it harder to serve consumers. we're going to have to label items on the basis of the whole itemmen. it will have labeled as having 4,000 calories. i don't think this information is helpful to consumers. we also have to keep incredible amounts of paperwork for each items. it's going to make it harder to offer new items and also going to make prices go up for consumers. >> that's because all this -- the cost to the grocery stores will be passed on to us in other
3:27 am
words,. >> that's absolutely right. margins in our industry are around 1%, regulations like these, which are increasing prices to consume e. let usda predicted prices will go up 3 to 4%. it's fda overreach. congress did not direct them to regulate supermarkets but they decided to do it. >> we're talking about prepared foods, unpacked foods like sadly bars, soups, bakery items. i kind of know what food is bad for me without a label. >> that's right. and studies show people know that they shouldn't eat an entire cake in one sitting. people have an idea in general of what's good for them and bad. for fda to impose a billion dollars burden on us is not necessary. we're already doing so much on a
3:28 am
voluntary basis. more than 60% of stores provide nutrition council. >> what do you think the point is? are they trying to take care of us, like we can't make a decision? >> well, i think that's part of it. they want to get everything labeled that they can and there's really not a need to in our judgment. 95% of the items in stores are already labeled. and by imposing this burden, it's just going to increase cost for consumers and make it harder to offer items consumers want. we have to come up with eight separate records but we put an item for sale and send it off to be tested. >> ettes just going to cost more at the grocery store. thank you very much. coming up, did you know over a span of two years, you will have spent $3,000 on your cell phone bill? just so you can have unlimited data. up next we're spilling the secrets on how you can live the
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we continue tracking that massive storm pounding the northeast and new england overnight. it knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of poem and -- people and grounded thousands of flights. >> there have been about 5,000 flights canceled the last two days. that will have a number of days ripple effect. all the flights in a couldn't get into the northeast and such. a lot of people who are stranded on the roads, massachusetts yesterday, canceling all traffic anywhere in the state after 4:00. that's a very good thing because the snow came on so quickly, many areas getting 6 inches in less than an hour. you get that and it stops everybody in their tracks. that's happened on the long island expressway with over 100 cars trapped. we have blizzard warnings for most of long island, connecticut, rhode island, even massachusetts, new hampshire and maine. the winds at times gusting to 50, 60 miles an hour.
3:34 am
it will improve by noon as the storm begins to pull away. we've got a number of rough hours ahead. a look at the radar picture, you can see the storm's still there, beginning to exit upstate new york and new york city, now an eastern long island thing, connecticut, rhode island, you're still getting it. some of those areas maybe another two inches of snow per hour, adding on to the totals. we've seen 34 inches, the highest so far. we'll see some higher than that, especially with another 5 or 6 inches accumulating. i can't remember my next map. here you go. very cold out there. today's high temperatures looking like this. we'll see temps below freezing for everybody. cold area along with the snow and nothing's going to melt. tonight, it gets really frigid. only to 14 in new york, 3 degrees in hartford and 8 degrees in boston. it's windy as well. that's going to be a problem. i wanted to tell you, we have a
3:35 am
couple other storms we're watching. there's this system across the west bringing rain and snow to the desert southwest. that's going to turn into blizzard conditions tomorrow. another blizzard we're watching. some of those have been updated to warnings. we'll point those out in the next hour. be prepared for that tomorrow. meanwhile that same storm is going to cause severe weather today and tomorrow across the plains. a threat for tornadoes in texas, oklahoma, today, tomorrow, east texans, arkansas and mississippi. we could be looking at an additional nor'easter by this coming thursday. we'll continue to watch that. >> make it stop, rick. >> the more he talks, the worse it gets. >> that's right. this story we've been following for days, a fox news alert. in a few hours the manhunt for that ex cop accused of killing
3:36 am
three people gets back under way. yesterday dozens of police and s.w.a.t. teams scoured the california mountains for any sign of christopher dorner. look at the conditions three folks are working in. they admit he could be anywhere now. we're live in big bear lake california with the latest on this search. >> reporter: they didn't find him overnight. unlike thursday night, friday night didn't see the search teams they sent previously because conditions got so difficult on the ground, they had to give up for the day. they will resume at first light. we're expecting the weather to improve vastly today. we expect clear skies and higher temperatures as well. the temperature right now is 23 degrees fahrenheit. the daytime temperature we saw yesterday. we think it's going to be a warmer day. that will allow the helicopters to get back in the high and expand the search area and
3:37 am
increase capability. this is how the sheriff's department described the search. >> there is a possibility that he's out here. that's why we're out here searching. >> what about the possibility it's a diversion. >> that's possible too. the possibility exists that he is here somewhere in the forest, so we're going to keep looking as the sheriff said, until we determine that he is -- he's not here. >> so the s.w.a.t. teams will return to the mountain today dressed in cameo as they go from house-to-house. the 200 or so cab cabins in the 8 square mile area. they're concerned it could be an ambush. he's a highly trained former navy reservist and they know the same tactics they're going to use in hunting him down. the police are not sure whether
3:38 am
he's on the mountain. as the department was saying, you heard in the clip, that they will continue searching for him until they can confirm whether he's on the mountain or no longer on the mountain, rather, or indeed they find him. >> thank you, we'll have detectives on our show to talk about what the next move should be. a red flag up on treasury secretary nominee jack lew. he had investments in an offshore hedge fund in the cayman islands. it's the type of fund president obama criticized. democrats say the investments were made years ago and are not an issue. the confirmation hearing is set for february 13th. imminent hazard to public safety is what feds called the tour bus company that had the crash in california. they ordered the company to shut down saying it does not maintain busses properly.
3:39 am
last week the bus driver said the brakes went out as they drove down a mountain road causing a crash. inspectors checked the other buses and found serious mechanical safety problems. mike, look at the screen. >> yes. >> kate upton heating up the cover of sports illustrated swimsuit issue. that's quite a swimsuit. for the second year in a row she replaced a bikini top with a coat. she's on the ship. the issue includes models posing on all seven continents of the globe and hits newsstands tuesday. >> i want two copies. polar bear, i like it. getting punny at sports illustrated. >> ally they say you can't teach owl dogs new tricks but that's not the case for our next guess,
3:40 am
norman. norman is riding a bike. he's here to show off his skills along with his owner, karen cobb. >> come on in. >> wow. >> so great. >> hi, karen cobb. >> hi, how are you. >> karen is part of a show called who let the dogs out. what so norman? >> a french sheep talking about. he's 3 years old. >> he's so mild mannered and sweet. >> he's a good boy. >> how do you get him riding a bike? >> we started with the scooter. but he was playing with the kids toys and got on the scooter and loved it. we thought the next step was a bicycle. >> seriously he got on the scooter himself? >> we were playing in the backyard, introducing him to different toys. >> turn him around so we can see his face. >> what does it take to keep that massive coat clean and nice? >> a lot of brushing.
3:41 am
>> sees constantly with you? >> he goes everywhere. >> like in the hotel room last night? >> of course. yeah. >> i hear he gets so sad when you walk away. >> he always tries to find me if i leave. >> you're like a mommy. >> yeah. >> the first time you put him on the bike, what did he say? ouch. >> he did, he didn't learn how to put his feet on there, but he figured it out quick. anything with wheels, he loves. >> how long did it take to teach him to ride a bike? >> about three years. >> he's only 3 years old. >> say i wanted -- we have a couple dogs. if i wanted to try this at home, do you give him puppy treats? >> well, we used natural food roll, a favorite treat. he eats those. it started with lots of pillows and duct tape so it was padded and soft. he would lay up there. >> he would lay up there. what's the idea of the show? who let the dogs out?
3:42 am
>> basically norman and tillman the skateboarding bulldog. we have rose and wally. they travel around and we to different dog activities, see different events. marred draw. >> you're going to mardi gras with norman? >> yeah. >> you're going to be the stars. >> we get to do things you would never get to do. they do habitat for humanity. >> do you suppose he would ride the scooter off the set? >> i think he would. >> all right, norman, are you ready? >> you're welcome at our house anytime there. all right, norman, are you ready? get up, ready? norman, scoot. >> i can't ride a scooter. >> i can't either. >> what in the world? >> oh, that's fantastic. >> what are you talking about? >> good job, norm. >> good job. >> top that!
3:43 am
>> i can't. but that is an adorable dog. coming up, did you know you can negotiate a cheaper cable bill ever six months? we'll explain how to live the good life for less in many ways next. and who needs the doctor to diagnosis this high-tech tattoo could soon be doing that for you. this is $100,000. we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money? if your bank takes more money than a stranger, you need an ally.
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try 2 hour express whitestrips. quick headlines. forget the doctor. a new tattoo could detect diseases in your body. this temporary tattoo a made of gold and silk and alerts computers it senses disease. it's not yet available but may be. almost a week after the game we're learning the cause of
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super bowl blackout. power company officials say a faulty piece of equipment is to blame. the relay device was designed to stop power outages from happening. not successfully in this case. just so hot, blew the whole circuit. dream of living a life of luxury but you only get an average paycheck, right? our next guest is here to show how you can super charge your spending to get the good life on the cheap. brad wilson is the founder of brad's and the author of do more, spend less, the new secrets of the good life for less. good to see you. >> good morning. >> going to save us some money, but still living the swinging life. you say i can call my cable company and renegotiate my bill every six months. >> you have enormous leverage. the market value is $4,000 per subscriber. if you leave them, that's their
3:48 am
loss. i call them up every six months and tell them it's too expensive, i'm thinking about leaving and they offer a lower rate. last time it took about 13 minutes and i saved 3 hundred dollars over 6 months. we have more leverage and power than most realize. >> you say i'm tired of you, i'm leaving. i'm going to a new girlfriend. >> they will make an effort to keep you as a customer by lowering rates. >> get elite status by asking for you. you say we aren't getting stuff because we're not asking. >> this about turning the tables and realizing our value as customers. i didn't have elite status on america two weeks ago. i flew united coming to see you. i sent an email saying i'm shifting my business to united. can i have elite status.
3:49 am
i flew out and i got upgraded into first class simply because i made the case i was going to shift my business and asked for some benefits for doing that. >> he do this sometimes with hotel rooms. i think i'll go across the street because it's cheaper and they'll normally lower the price. >> that's right. the power is in our hand and we have tremendous value. >> how can i save use my iphone? >> your cell phone and plan is the third largest household expense. most of us don't realize because we leak out little by little. in the -- the iphone is one of the hardest. this is all about using prepaid wireless carriers. most thing of people with bad credit and companies that don't offer great phones. the secret of prepaid wireless carries is they run on top of
3:50 am
the big six cell phone networks. i shifted to a carrier running on top of at&t so a at&t -- on their network but paying a prepaid carrier $4 a month. >> how much would that save? >> over $1,500 over two years. >> what? >> cut my cell phone expense in half and i have the nicest phone with unlimited everything. so i have exactly what i want but in a much different price. >> three tips. where can we go to get more. >> i wrote a book, do more, spend less, and walk through 50 things i've done in my li is where i publish this. >> look at the savings on the screen. why don't we ask for this stuff? are we embarrassed? >> i think it's -- we don't realize the power we have in our hands.
3:51 am
when we walk on to the playing field as a consumer we don't realize it's a game. and most of us don't really know how to win yet. there's a lot of things you can do to win as a consumer. that's one of the things i'm trying to open people's eyes to. >> i'm going to learn to play the game. have a good trip back to chicago. it's been hanging inside a school more than 60 years but the aclu says that picture there of jesus has to go. we'll explore this controversy ahead. [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be cool if we took the nissan altima and reimagined nearly everything in it? gave it greater horsepower and class-leading 38 mpg highway...
3:52 am
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3:55 am
as you i the united states and allies decrease defense, america's adversaries are doing the opposite. >> good morning, the u.s. defense budget is shrinking but our enemies is growing. for the first time in two years, the pentagon says it can't afford to keep two aircraft carriers in the persian gulf. the truman would have left today from norfolk, virginia. leon panetta blamed it on sequestration saying if congress can't rewrite the law, things will get worse. >> instead of a first rate power in the world, we turn into a second rate power. that would be the result of sequester. >> you won't find this chairman arguing we need to do more with less. you'll find me arguing if that happens, we need to do less with less. >> as the u.s. and most allies decrease spending, adversaries
3:56 am
are doing the opposite. china is slated to overtate the u.s. in 2035. >> you've seen double digit increases in chinese defense spending for 15 years. that not only gives pause to the united states but concern for the region as well. >> two years ago robert gates browbeat nato allies to spend 2% on defense but when france wanted to send force to say mallie, the u.s. paraded airlift and -- provided airlift. in the middle east, the gulf states are increasing defense spending. >> they've been going gang busters, rolling out prototypes of advance weapons, new missiles, new aircraft, drone aircraft. >> others argue even with the
3:57 am
sequester the defense budget will dwarf their adversaries. >> if sequestration happens we go from spending 40 cents out of a dollar to 38 cents out of every dollar, you decline but not by the massive amount. >> u.s. taxpayers spent $711 billion on defense in 2011, equal to the next 13 largest defense budgets combined. the second largest defense budget in the world was china, six times smaller than the u.s. but growing fast. coming up, the president says the government doesn't have a spending problem but that's not what you think. we've polled america. looking forward to your tax refund check? well, you may be waiting longer this year. oh no. this is america.
3:58 am
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4:01 am
good chilly morning. it's saturday, february 9th. thanks fortuning in. a monster blizzard pounding the northeast leaving drivers stranded and dumping two feet of snow in some areas. nearly a million people are without power. we'll have live team coverage straight ahead. a conservative doctor upstages the president of the united states. >> our national debt, 16.5 trillion dollars, you think that's not a lot of money? tell what you, count one number per second. one number per second. you know how long it would take to count to 16 trillion? >> meet the man some say ought to run for president himself. it's not every day you see this sight on the streets of new york city.
4:02 am
a goat running wild. the best part, the person who was there to save the day. not baaaaad. >> oh, boy. >> "fox & friends" hour two starts now. good morning, everybody. had has been a monster blizzard. many people in the northeast and new england are digging out this morning. the storm hasn't even stopped there. don't start digging out. after a massive snowstorm overnight. >> more than half a million home, as much as 600,000 homes without power, businesses as well. the blizzard blamed for four deaths. there's 34 inches of snow in connecticut. >> we've got fox team coverage in new york city. rick reichmuth is tracking the storm outside our studio here in midtown manhattan. anna is live in central park.
4:03 am
>> reporter: good morning, everybody. it's gorgeous here in central park. 8 inches of snow on the ground and it's a light, fluffy snow. a lot of fun for the kids, perfect for snowballs and sledding. it's still coming down in the new england states. connecticut got up to three feet. massachusetts, two feet. it seems people learned a lesson following superstorm sandy. three death were in canada, only one in the united states reported in upstate new york. police in new york are saying hundreds of drivers were stranded on the long island x-ray because -- expressway because of the snow but the bans helped in massachusetts and connecticut. they're still in place. it was the first time boston had to have a travel ban since the infamous blizzard of '78. folks are trying to keep up with the snow but are having a hard
4:04 am
time. >> this is the second time i've been out. i only got this little snowblower. i needed a plow. >> reporter: as for power outages, there's about 650,000 report. most of those are in massachusetts and rhode island. not so bad here in new york and new jersey and connecticut. as for flights, about 5,000 canceled, airports in new york, boston and hartford are closed. in newark, they're trying to go running by this afternoon. it's going to be a nice day for folks. central park, rick mentioned this earlier, one of the only places in new york city that the snow stays pretty for long. it will be great as people wake up and drink their coffee. take this in for a moment. >> that's really good snowball weather. >> and pristine in central park as opposed to the gray crud rick has.
4:05 am
rick is outside our studio in midtown. >> talk about gray crud. look what happens to the roads. these are new york city roads right here and you can see all of the snow and the muck and crap all over it. this is in the city and why roads are so bad the second you get outside the city. i've been seeing pictures on twitter this morning. send your pictures if you can with what you have seen from the storm. there's a few ways. go to fox news home page to the u-report tab. you can email them to us at or to me on twitter, rick reichmuth on twitter. i've seen some out of connecticut where we've seen snowfall totals over 34 inches. with the wind on it, all of the drifts, 5 to 6 feet, have been impressive. people are snowed under and their cars are completely buried and people are still trapped on
4:06 am
roads. still dangerous conditions exist. quickly, look at the weather maps. we have the snow falling. these are the snowfall totals we've seen. a few hires ones are coming in. look at the radar picture. you can see this still a new england storm. we're probably going to see another 5 to 6 inches by the time this is said and done, around 2:00 this afternoon. but as some bands continue to have maybe 2 inches of snow an hour and the wind is still blowing, sustained at 30 miles an hour, gusting higher in some cases. we'll have some additional snow and additional drifting and additionally dangerous conditions on the roads. back to you inside. >> thank you so much. let's get to your headlines. a civil war here in the united states. that was the plan of a california man who allegedly tried to set off car bomb. the f.b.i. arrested him after he tried to detonate the explosive out this bank.
4:07 am
little did he know the bomb was fake, part of a sting operation. the feds say he was a taliban supporter and wanted to cause chaos by making it look like it was from a antigovernment group. >> wonder where your tax refund is? the i.r.s. is way behind. more than $22 billion behind. this time last year the agency had issued nearly $27 billion in tax refunds. this year they've only issued about $4 billion. the i.r.s. blames the fiscal cliff and changes to tax policy. >> this jesus portrait has hanging more than six decades but the aclu wants it down. three people have complained. the group filed a federal lawsuit and the superintendent defends it and says it has historical significance. somebody alert the common sense police. >> are there those people? >> there has to be.
4:08 am
>> they've moved far away. >> they're on vacation. >> that's where clayton is, in new zealand, we're sitting in the snow. >> i doubt it. >> we've -- i want to know now about dr. benicar son. he made a splash at the national prayer breakfast. do you want to hear what he had to say? >> tomorrow he's coming on. >> he is? >> of course he is. >> this is what it was like at the national prayer breakfast when doctor carson started talking. >> our deficit is a big problem. think about it. our national debt, 16.5 trillion dollars? you think that's not a lot of money in tell you what, count one number per second. you know how long it will take to count to 16 trillion? 507,000 years. you make $10 bilut in a billion. you make $10, you put in one.
4:09 am
some people say that's not fair because it doesn't hurt the guy to made $10 billion as much as -- where does it say you have to hurt the guy? he just put a billion dollars in the pot. we don't need to hurt him. >> a lot of people say his speech eclipsed that of president obama who -- i don't portend to be in the mind of president obama but he didn't look delighted. >> i would like to get in hit mind. loathing on his face. that's one of the more coherent defenses of flat tax. >> start counting. >> why shouldn't every citizen pay the same rate? >> why does it have to be punitive is -- >> exactly. the sure pleasure of punishing someone. >> i found out sean hannity has more power than i do. he got his on his show. here he is. >> well, you know, obviously i
4:10 am
had all the strikes against me, single-parent home, poverty, poor self-esteem, horrible temper, these things preclude success and they would have in my case, but my mother, who had only a third grade education, refused to be a victim. she never felt sorry for herself. and that was a good thing. but the problem was she never felt sorry for us either. there was never an excuse we could give that was good enough. if we gave an excuse, she came out with a poem called yourself to blame. after a while we stopped looking for excuses. she worked as a domestic, two and three jobs at a time, because she didn't want to be on welfare. she had a third grade education and she observed no one going on welfare came off of it. >> it's fascinating to here somebody's back story and how
4:11 am
they became the pillar of society. more about him, he's a professor of neurosurgery, plastic surgery, on collgy and pediatrics, he's a pediatric neurosurgery with johns hopkins hospital and received 50 honorary doctorates because so many universities respect his work. >> a pioneer in separating co joined siamese twins. >> is that right? >> this guy is a star. there's no -- you can't watch that and say -- i don't know where he lives, texas, i think. >> i'm not sure. >> we'll find out tomorrow when he's on the show. >> he's going to be drafted by somebody for some office. >> no question about it. that's a breakout moment for him. >> tomorrow i'm going to get what i want. are you getting what you want? the latest fox news polls details biggest concerns for the future of our nation. >> let's talk about government spending and whether or not the
4:12 am
u.s. has a spending problem. 83% of the respondents say yes, it does. 14% say no. by the way, the way the question was framed it says president obama says government doesn't have a spending problem. he hasn't ever, as far as i know, said that publicly, but john boehner said when they had a private meaning that's what the president told him. we don't have a spending problem. >> we can tell he hasn't cut spending. he spent episcopal raising -- spent his money praising capital. >> more likely to strengthen you states economy, 73% said cutting government spending, 15% increasing, 7%, leave it as it is. >> this question, do you feel government has become too powerful and is restricting american's freedoms. 58% say yes, the government is too powerful, 38% no, they're comfortable with the present role and 4%, not sure.
4:13 am
>> theories one that's interesting. it says how do you see the country compared today to five years ago? nearly half say weaker and less powerful today. 48% of those say less powerful. half of that, 24%, say it's stronger today than it was five years ago. and 27% say it's about the same as before. >> so there's an irony in there. as most people believe that the federal government has become more powerful, a polarity believes we've become weaker. they may be connected. >> keep your thoughts coming. find us all on twitter or friends at "fox & friends." president's pick for the next c.i.a. chief faces marge -- major heat on the hill. is john brennan really the best man for the job? >> want to live like barbie.
4:14 am
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4:17 am
tucker, we were talking last segment about whether or not the government has a spending problem. americans think the government has a spending problem. the president hasn't come out and said as much but jay carney, his spokesperson, has said our problem is not spending, it's not government spending. >> 16.5 trillion dollars in debt and it's not spending. >> that's right. >> that takes a fairly vivid imagination to imagine -- >> let us know what you think. we want to tell you what happened this week. a shake. >> start to john brennan's confirmation to become c.i.a.
4:18 am
chief. protesters interrupting proceedings before the room had to be cleared. he faced tough questions over the obama administration controversial drone program and kill list. here's what brennan had to say. >> i never believe it's better to kill a terrorist than to dai contain him. we want to detain as many as possible to elicit intelligence. >> critics abrennan flip flopped on major issues before. is he the right man for the job. mike baker, thanks a lot for joining us. >> thank you. >> it seems mr. brennan has had a couple positions on a number of issues, including waterboarding. is he a political man from your knowledge of him? >> well, i mean he's very good at the political game in washington. you don't get to the positions that he's arrived at without
4:19 am
being savvy in washington, d.c. that's just the way it works. he's a smart individual, he's a very hard working individual. he's got a lot of very good experience. but there is this concern -- and it was clear during the course of the hearing, which was one of the more interesting and stranger confirmation hearings we've had in recent past. he came across i thought as a little bit to do perhaps deferential and apologetic when the senators were coming after him for a variety of reasons. none of which had to do with confirmation as a c.i.a. director. they seemed self-righteous and self serving as a group of senators on the intel committee. >> it's hard to know where he stands because of his political savviness. in 2007, he said he supported the enhanced interrogation
4:20 am
speaks techniques because it saved lives. now he says i never liked them. i did speak up in private. i didn't want to go on the record. it wasn't my place. it's hard to know what he would do as c.i.a. director in terms of drones, which he actually has been the architect of but says he would rather detain terrorists or waterboarding, does that make you uncomfortable? >> well, it makes me uncomfortable in the sense i would like to have seen him be more forceful. he should said it was an enhanced technique. used sparingly and the c.i.a. never claimed that these enhanced techniques were the only tools in the kit bag. they were important to have, even if you didn't use them because you need to keep the detainees, the folks there, on their back foot. make the element of surprise important. if you remove that they're going
4:21 am
to close their mouth and stay quite -- quiet forever. with john brennan you have an individual very invested in the obama administration and they're very comfortable with him. part of that is because they think here's a guy whose not going off the rails. the flip-flopping issues, he commented by bin laden in '98, talk about going after him in '98 and the senators came after him for that. he was opposed to that operation in his own words. in '98, there was not a strong con census about bin laden just as 2002 was a different time. he should have made that case more forcefully. the senators were here to justify the massive 6,000 page committee report they produced. >> mike, thanks. interesting.
4:22 am
reading, writing, but no algebra, one state abandoning it for the eighth grade. is it a good idea? will students be unprepared. >> he moved his family to canada in search of polar bears. he didn't expect to find many because of global warming but turns out he found more than he could imagine. he shares his story next. hi. hi. i'm here to pick up some cacti. it should be under stephens. the verizon share everything plan for small business. get a shareable pool of data... got enough joshua trees? ... on up to 25 devices. so you can spend less time... yea, the golden barrels... managing wireless costs and technology and more time driving your business potential. looks like we're going to need to order more agaves... ah! oh! ow! ... and more bandages. that's powerful. sharble data
4:23 am
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4:25 am
24 minutes past the hour. nearly $16 billion, that's how much new regulation like revised
4:26 am
school lunch standards will cost this month on top of the 12 billion spent for new rules in january. 82 million-dollar, how many of it cost google for a private airport. finally 25 million, that's how much barbie's selling her malibu mansion for on the site trulyia. only one bedroom and one bath. barbie decided after traveling the world she wanted to live someplace other than this 6-inch box. inspired by the dangerous species status of the polar bear, zack wanted to get their polite for himself. >> look closely. the polar bear's world is melting, climate change is causing their arctic hunting grounds to disappear right from under their feet, pushing them to the brink of extinction.
4:27 am
>> he packed his family and moved to the canadian arctic to live and get a firsthand the polar bear population is larger than it was 40 years ago. i'm joined by zach unger, the author of never look a polar bear in the eyes. thanks for getting up so early. you lived with the polar bears and you say we're in a very different situation than the media is telling us we are. >> well, it's true. there are more polar bears on earth now than 40 years ago. there was a worldwide hunting ban in the early 70s and the population exploded after that. it's not to say global warming isn't real but it's interesting how people react. some people say there are a more that be 40 years ago? we can't talk about that because it doesn't fit with the political point. some use it to insinuate global
4:28 am
warming isn't happening. neither is honest. >> often -- i'm standing here after a blizzard and global warning, nicer or believers dr. denier or believers say you're having a big storm. polar bears have got be so much attention. if it's inaccurate it creates problems with climate change. >> science isn't lean year. you have weird local effects. if you say polar bears are doomed or they're just fine, you're making a political point, not scientific. we can't do science by sound bites. >> do you think that they latch on to something like the polar bear because it has emotional appeal for people and that kind of -- their intention is to get people to believe or to try to make a change from that kind of warm and cuddly emotional
4:29 am
appeal? >> absolutely. it's hard to get anybody excited about arctic algae and i understand the polar bear has resonance. the science of polar bears is tricky, and you may, by focusing on one species, do a disservice to your admire able cause and distract from global warming. >> which you believe is happening. >> i do. don't sound so surprised. it's not like i believe in unicorns or hobbits. >> zach unger, thank you for getting up to early. the author of never look a polar bear in the eye. >> thank you for having me. >> you believe in unicorns, rick. a goat running wild in the streets of new york city. police are scratching their heads. you'll never guess who was there to lasso him. >> does your man take out the trash but never puts a new bag in the can?
4:30 am
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4:33 am
welcome back everyone. thanks for joining us this morning. mike jarrett is in for clayton,
4:34 am
tucker carlson here with us. let's get to your headlines. after more than 35 years, arrests in a texas cold case. police in el paso arrested lisbeth garrett for the murder of her husband, chester. her stepson, roger evan garrett, was picked up as well. the two were accused of fracturing the green beret's skull and stabbing him in 1977. no word how they were caught. the obama administration preparing to cut america's nuclear arsenal by a third. the president will unveil the plan as early as as tuesday. it would save the pentagon billion dollars of dollars but the plan to cut military spending comes at foreign super powers russia and china continue to spend more on their systems. students in california won't have to worry about passing algebra. the state has done away with the
4:35 am
requirement for 8th graders. falling in in line with the comn core standards rolled out across the nation. students can take alternative math courses. critics say it will leave students unprepared for college. another barnyard animal on the loose in new york. alert the authorities. a goat is racing around a brooklyn parking lot. a lot attendant jumped in to catch him. >> is he still on the lam? >> if the wild scene looks familiar, three months ago this pony and zebra made headlines for running down a street in staten island. there musting a meeting of farm animals. >> revert to go nature. >> really is. >> a look at the snow.
4:36 am
what do you say in? massachusetts, man, did they get hit. the blizzard slammed the northeast and new england. it's piling up in wooster where there's said to be two feet. some parts of connecticut have 33 inches. it's supposed to snow another eight hours or so. >> worcester, mass, up in the hills, they get a little bit of elevation and you get more snow once you get the elevation, about 1500 feet. it brings out more moisture. pictures out of wfxt in boston. incredible snow and wind. we had a gust in boston of 77 miles an hour. that's at logan airport in boston. that's hurricane force winds. a number of winds around that range out across cape cod and the islands. significant snow, over 30 inches in maine, over 30 inches in connecticut.
4:37 am
and up to 30 inches in massachusetts. this is the latest radar image. it's continuing to snow across eastern long island and easterns mass. we'll see a few areas get another 4 to 5 inches of snow but the heaviest snow is winding down. the winds are beginning to abate a little bit. that's good news. moving forward, take a look. we've got cold air behind us. the next number of hours, temps will remain very cold. by 9:00, 10:00 it's out of connecticut. by noon, it's finishing up in boston. it will take longer before it finishes up in cape cod and the islands. 4:00 or 5:00 but everybody cold. we've got a cold day today, temps not above freezing, no significant melting of the snow. tonight, temps plummet and it's going to be windy so windchills will be minus 10, minus 15. cold, especially for the 600,000
4:38 am
people cross areas of new england who don't have power. hopefully they get that back today but it's going to be rough. hard to do that kind of repair. another storm that we're watching, this is one that is across parts of the west bringing snow and rain to arizona. by tomorrow, that moves into the northern plains and we have before i before i had warnings from northeastern colorado and north dakota. winter storm watch and warnings. 12 to service inches of snow. again, across this area. that same storm will bring severe weather today and tomorrow across texas and tomorrow in the deep south. a potential for tornadoes. looks like there's a chance for another nor'easter on thursday and indications of another one next weekend across the northeast. this active pattern continues for a number of days. >> thank you for that warning. i think this next segment is
4:39 am
going to make all our work marriages a lot easier. does your man have bad habits that drive you nuts? >> i have every one of these. >> we have gadgets that can help you fix these problems. the pet peeves. so your wife can stop nagging and bring back the romance. >> just what you were looking for, romance. >> look who is here, chris shoals. >> nice to see you. >> we do have bad habits. let's go through them. >> and how you're going to fix them. >> with valentine's day coming up, the best gift i can give my husband is not nag. >> that's a great gift. you're right. if your husband wakes up, as mine does, hours earlier than me, how can he keep from making me up. >> does he fumble around, hitting the snooze button? >> i don't know. >> lark life has a product you hook into your phone and wear the wristband.
4:40 am
it video batteries and wakes you up. >> that vibrates? >> yes, no fumbling for the snooze button. >> electric shocks? >> we can arrange for that. >> is it strong enough to wake you up in. >> it is. it vibrates well. >> this breaks my habit. if i have to get up early, i put my cell phone on my chest. >> it's the same thing. you don't lose it at night if you roll over. >> that's a good idea. >> okay. >> then so you love it when your husband or wife takes out the trash. but what you don't love it throwing something into an empty trashcan. >> we need the trash bag. >> those are two separate skills. >> bagups has trash bags that hooks in, so you can never forget. >> you open it up. >> you open it up and stick it in there like that. >> how many are in the pack. >> you have to reremember if they run out, you have to put
4:41 am
another box in. i can't help with you -- i can't help with all of your problems. >> that wouldn't -- there's 0 bags. >> that's a ton of bags. >> i like that. >> it's pretty cheap, $15. >> the next male problem, when you go away on a romantic get away and you're ready to go and your husband wants to unpack his entire suitcase before you do anything. >> yes. so rising hanks, has a weekender bag. it's actually -- this would be great for a woman too. >> i like this. >> you like it? >> yes. >> why? >> you're out of the hotel and off doing what you want. >> right. >> and then i think it also helps with wrinkles. i stuffed some things in here but you don't have wrinkled clothes. >> very cool. >> are these your husband's clothes? >> they are. i stole them this morning.
4:42 am
>> what is that? >> had thing here is the daddy diaper pack. so you want your husband -- >> i'm opposed to that. >> it's got a cooler on the side four water bottles. >> it's one of those things where you need two diaper bags. you've got your stuff? one thing, his in the other. this solves that. it's got great pockets. >> you're supposed to wear this? >> yes. >> then your wife doesn't respect you. >> she respects you if you take the kids. >> not if you wear this with the pacifier. >> just lose the passe. it's a macho bag. >> let's get to the classic complaints, men don't put down the toilet seat. >> that is correct. >> i've never understood why this is such a problem. >> has this happened to you? you leave it up in the middle of the night you walk in, you fall in. >> you fall in. that's why you need to put it
4:43 am
down. >> i'm so sorry for all these years. >> not cool. the folks at -- it's called tip alert. you can hear it playing music. >> put the seat down ♪ >> telling you to put the seat down. >> it's reminding you. >> and then once you put it down, it actually applauds. [ cheers and applause ] >> the folks at lowe's brought this in here for me today. >> brought come mode in. >> yes. i aim to please. i wasn't going to come on a saturday and not bring a toilet. >> i've never seen a toilet actually micked. there's a microphone there. >> those audio guys. >> thank you, i think you've just saved marriages. >> your website is >> more helpful tips there. >> she's coming back tomorrow with valentine's day gifts.
4:44 am
>> very cool. >> next, running late to a doctor's appointment, so what does your doctor do? vent about it on facebook? that happened and now that doctor could get canned, but is that going too far? this is america.
4:45 am
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4:48 am
our guys are making great problem at this point but the search continues. >> and questions remain about this ex lapd cop and he may be using survivalist skills to stay ahead of officials trying to track him. rod wheeler is a former homicide detective and is with us from washington. >> good morning. >> rod, you think this guy is still in that bear mountain area? why? >> there's a good pockete possibility he's there. the police was able to track footprints to a road not far from where any found the vehicle. as a result of that, they lost the footprints but they've panned out. >> rod, it's incredible to watch the police. the snow is coming down, it's a blizzard, it's cold, conditions are terrible. we know this guy is an ex lapd officer and also ex military.
4:49 am
he has survivallest training. why can't they just wait it out, wait until the storm passes and wait. maybe this storm and the cold would flush him out. >> that may have to happen because the -- because of the weather up there, it's hindering the search to a certain degree. they're searching others areas other than the bear mountain areas but they believe it's a possibility he's there. if they have to wait him out they will, no matter how long it takes. >> you believe at some point dorner will snap back to reality. what does that mean? >> well, you know here's what happens. this is really interesting. any time a person goes off like this guy did and becomes hostile and very aggressive, as some point they snap back to reality. when they snap back to reality they have to decide what they're going to do, turn themself in, engage the police?
4:50 am
at that point he'll probably make a decision to turn himself in or take his own life. >> you know what is unusual about this guy is that he appears to be on some sort of homicidal rampage. he killed a one-woman and herfy son say sitting in a car because she was the daughter of a police captain he had a grievance with, alleged. days later, he shot at and ended up killing a police officer. that's a long time to be in this sort of homicidal rage. sometimes they last a few hours they be you snap back to reality as you said, but he's stayed in in mindset for a long time, possibly even years. >> exactly. according to the reports coming out, this guy has had grievances with the los angeles police department dating back to 2007, possibly. so why did this guy decide to
4:51 am
snap at this point? what were the warning signs? did anyone miss warning signs? i can tell you that the police are investigating all of this guy's friends and associates. they're probably visiting all known relatives. that guy is hiding somewhere. somebody is harboring this guy and i believe they're going to find him over the next couple days. >> let's hope so. rod wheeler, thank you for your insight into this. sure. >> looking forward to your tax refund? you may be waiting. >> we're guilty of venting but what happens when you do it on facebook? a doctor complained about a patient and some say she should are fired for that. is that punishment fitting? we have a fair and balanced legal debate next. arthur and jonna are going to join us. if hi. hi.
4:52 am
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4:55 am
need your opinion on this. a st. louis ob/gyn in the hot seat for posting complaints about a pregnant patient'ses tardiness on line. she's been reprimanded but some mothers groups are calling for her to be fired. what's the prescription for punishment? we're here for a feisty debate. she's late for an appointment. doctors get upset. it means money to them. then posts it on facebook. she's always late. what's so bad about in a? >> what's so bad about that? >> it seems dumb.
4:56 am
>> it is dumb. no doctor should post anything about a patient ever. what makes this worse is it wasn't an orthopedic surgeon saying i replaced another knee. it was an o bgyn, no more intimate stranger a woman will have contact with. >> she never mentioned the woman's name. >> if you knew the doctor and knew somebody who was pregnant who had a stillbirth, that's the other thing. she announces a prior stillbirth on facebook. >> that's bad. arthur, seriously. >> look at your face. >> she's worked up and wants to challenge you and i -- let me tell me tell you something, have you ever been to a proctologist? that's supposed to be an exist, not an entry. i'm glad you put a finger on that point. >> she doesn't mention the person's name.
4:57 am
there's attorney-client privilege. if i write down my client's late for court and supposed to be sentenced today, his second sentencing, am i violating attorney-client privilege or spewing? >> she mentioned hipaa laws. >> they protect anybody in the medical system from their information being publicized. if you leave a chart on the desk and the janitor gets it, you vital hipaa. >> but she didn't mention the patient's name. >> there's no name. she's got hundreds of patients. how do you know who this is? >> if my friend were the patient and i knew who her doctor was, because women share that information, you could figure out. >> what is she saying, she's late? >> and -- that's intimate information. >> how would you know that's
4:58 am
your friend's doctor? this -- >> she's pregnant h a stillbirth. >> and chronically late. >> ladies and gentlemen, it's a fox news alert. >> it seems silly to put it on social media, on facebook. facebook is getting us in trouble more than it's worth. >> no, facebook doesn't kill people. >> you get all your dates from facebook. >> and twitter. president obama's pick for the next c.i.a. chief faces heat on the hill because of his flip-flopping. is john brennan really the man is john brennan really the man for the job?u are... after the break. so, why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have. ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure.
4:59 am
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5:01 am
good morning, it's saturday, february 9th. thanks for joining us on this snowy saturday. a winter whiteout. a powerful blizzard pummeled the northeast dumping nearly 2-foot of snow and almost a million people are without power.
5:02 am
you have to transcribe this show and share it with them later. >> thank heaven for tivo. does the president of the united states deserve the right to decide to kill or not to kill american citizens. >> a first grader had had a shock to give his entire psychology the next day off. watch this. that's great. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. then they injured him. they get the day off from school. "fox & friends" the thursday hour on a saturday morning starts right now. take a look at this live look at the snow pounding massachusetts.
5:03 am
this is a look at worcester where it's piling up. the state has been hit hard. >> it looks like it's 6 feet high there. it's 3 feet high in parts of massachusetts and connecticut. 2 feet, a common accumulation through the northeast. let's get to rick for an update. it's still snowing. >> still snowing there. they have another three to four inches to go and hearing some numbers now that are continuing to climb. mitten, connecticut -- milton, connecticut, 38 inches and still snowing, upt new york, 30 inches. you can see 30.3 in upton, 29.1 in co mack. new york city, 8.2, hairaman park 13 inches. the bull eyes is central connecticut with 6 inches an hour. incredible snowfall rates to see it falling like that. boston, officially at logan
5:04 am
airport, 21.8. they still have another probably four or five inches to come. we'll see where they get into the record books. they have to crack 22.5 0 to get in the top five snowiest storms. look at this picture out of new hampshire. this is from portsmouth, new hampshire. a picture i believe -- all kinds of pictures like that coming on twitter. cars completely submerged because of the wind. not only do you have the snow but we had wind that was up to over hurricane force and that blew snow all around and became a light fluffy snow causing drifting. keep send your pictures. send them to u-report. also to me on my twitter page, rick reichmuth. we'll have more coming in and show them in the next half hour. blizzard warnings continue, guys, across the coastal areas of new england and towards connecticut. a few interior section. we have wind and even once the
5:05 am
snow tapers off, we'll continue to see the wind below the snow around that's on the ground. it will continue keeping conditions blinding. a few heavier snow bands that will continue to wrap up across connecticut and massachusetts and maine and parts of coastal new hampshire until around 5:00 or 6:00 before it's done in cape cod and the islands. boston, you'll be done earlier, around noon today. heavy snow still to come but we're end end of the storm which is good news. it was a big one and a rough day ahead. >> you said we might do this again next weekend? >> two more coastal storms potentially. can't say somehow strong or big but thursday looks like a bit of a nor'easter and another chance next week. yeah, we're not done. >> good times. thanks so much, rick. a civil war in the united states. that was apparently the plan of
5:06 am
a california man who allegedly tried to set off a car bomb. the f.b.i. arrested the 28-year-old after he tried to detonate the explosive outside this bank of america in oakland. the bomb was fake, part of a sting operation. he was a taliban supporter to wanted to make the attack look like an antigovernment group. a tribute to one of america's greatest by bradley cooper. the oscar nominee is producing and starring in a movie featuring the life of chris kyle who was shot and killed last week at a texas gun range. cooper says not only does he want to tell his story but address soldiers coming home with ptsd. >> wonder where your tax return is. i.r.s. is way behind, more than $22 billion behind. last year they had nearly issued $27 billion in refunds by now and this year only $4 billion.
5:07 am
the i.r.s. blames the fiscal cliff and late changes to tax policies. not sure how to tell someone they won't be coming to your wedding? just send a note. the latest wedding trend on how to let your b list friends know they won't be there on your big day. it's never an easy job but couples are doing this so they don't have to break the news themself. send a note saying you will not be invited. >> you would be on a b list, in case somebody had to cancel, but you have to have a gift and suit ready to go. >> i love the explanation, you're getting married, you're not invited. governor, that's never happened to you. >> usually people don't bother to send a note. >> it does clear up ambiguity. lost in the mail? no, you're not invited. >> people like that have no future in politics.
5:08 am
they're too honest. >> wow, there's a lot that came out of the brennan testimony, the panetta testimony. let's talk about the drone war and the fact president obama made unilateral decisions. even with american citizens on who needs to be assassinated. >> it's trouble because we're a nation of law not convenience. it's convenient to sent a remote control device and blow them into sausage. it is easy and may be necessary if that person is imminently prepared to launch an attack. but if a person is sipping coffee in a coffee shop and with he blow them up, you have to raise the question, could we not have captured them if we knew where they were having coffee. everybody wants to get rid of al-qaeda. but when you started taking unilateral action without any oversight by congress, without
5:09 am
any type of judicial involvement, to issue a warrant and say this person mike jarret, deserves to have a drone fly over his house and blow him up, i think that's problematic. >> doesn't american citizenship or shouldn't it mean something? shouldn't we treat foreign nationals different from the way we treat americans? >> we have to. part of the reason is think about it this. even the most monstrous person among us, when accused of a crime we saw on television and we know he did it, we go through indictment, trial, and full due process of law not because we feel there's some doubt as to what the person did, but because that's who we are as a society. >> the president isn't sitting at the white house with a list, picking and choosing who he's going to kill by himself. he's advised who to take out. >> he is but the question is where does that authority lie?
5:10 am
>> you think it should be congress. >> the point of our founders is a government with checks and balances so no one of the three branches of government could act without advice and consent of the others. when you have one branch of the government that acts ex cathedral without any other connection with the other branches of government, that steps across a line we need to carefully think before we erase. the lines are there to protect every citizen's rights, including the bad, hideous people we can't stand. >> sure. if they're killing people they think might do something bad, why not eliminate people who don't pay taxes. what did you make of the brennan testimony, the mission he was for waterboarding before against it. >> if the literals on the democratic side voting on confirmation, if they vote for that confirmation, i want them
5:11 am
to issue a public apology to george h.w. george w. bush for what they said about the patriot act, waterboarding and wiretapping. there's a hypocrisy. you haven't with it both ways. you know who i appreciate in this? code pink. a at least they have the consistency of convictions. they may be entertaining or flakes off the snow bank, but by 0 golly they stick to what they believe and that's something you're not seeing with the senate democrats. >> leon panetta was asked about benghazi, including the president's role. there was a half hour confidential conversation between leon panetta and the president and we don't know what what happened during the eight other hours. >> it's obvious any other phone calls that went to the white
5:12 am
house went 0 voice mail. the president, to not have further conversation about an attack on an american consulate that involved a united states embassador being killed and being under attack and siege is incomprehensible. if he's watching espn and getting a good night's sleep before vegas for the fundraiser instead of monitoring a situation that results in four americans being killed, we're long away from getting the answers we deserve to have. >> it seems like they would be on the phone constantly or in communication during the whole thing. >> this is what you expect that the lines are open. they go to the situation room. reason people have been demanding photos from where the president was that night like the night bin laden was killed, dramatic photos in the situation room, i think because we would have seen the president's feet popped up watching a ballgame. it's not the kind of photo they want to release. >> what is the justification for not releasing that information.
5:13 am
we have a right to know the timeline. where were the principles during this period? >> i think the truth hurts. that's just the hard, fast reality. the truth of this situation hurts. i don't think there was an intentional effort on the part of the white house or secretary of state or anybody else to circumvent responsibility. i think they were new year's nad frankly poorly informed and just didn't understand the gravity. >> why were they checked out? why be checked out? >> i have no idea. that's the question that i believe has to be answered in sworn testimony before an open hearing of congress. i think people like lindsay graham, who i thought was brilliant in his questioning of the principles before him this week, those questions must be asked and answered by the people who need to give us a reason, what happened and why. >> okay. >> are we a country in decline?
5:14 am
we have new fox polls and many americans feel we're weaker than five years ago. the governor will share his thoughts. kate upton stripped down to her bikini became the cover girl on last year's sports illustrated edition. who is it this year? >> she has a huge head on that. i'm lorenzo. i work for 47 different companies. well, technically i work for one. that company, the united states postal service®, works for thousands of home businesses. because at®, you can pay, print and have your packages picked up for free. i can even drop off free boxes. i wear a lot of hats.
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that helps maintain digestive balance. ♪ stay in the groove with align. ♪ need help keeping your digesve balance in sync? try align. it's a probiotic that fortifies your digestive system with healthy bacteria 24/7. because your insides set the tone. stay in the groove with align. are america's besides behind us? a poll shows nearly half of americans believe the u.s. is weaker and less powerful today than five years ago. we're joined by governor huckabee with his reaction. >> i think a lot of people are
5:18 am
dis couraged. it happened to a lot of middle class and worked class people in january when they got their first paycheck and said whoa, i'm not a millionaire but i thought my taxes weren't going up. 7 million americans losing health insurance, employers dropping people to 30 hours a week. people are beginning to understand elections have consequences and sometimes the consequences are not what they think. >> if your pocketbook is hurting that translates into you thinking the country is weak? >> absolutely. if they're personal position is doing well, they say what's the big deal. when it hits home and it means when you reach for a loaf of bread you go for the three-day-old on sale, it starts making you think the country's not in good shape. >> why didn't we vote for change? >> because people believed that
5:19 am
barack obama understood their pain. they hadn't felt the pain of obamacare, now they are. they thought the taxes would hit the millionaires, billionaires. it's not warren buffett and bill gates that are hurting, it's the person who brings his lunchbox home every afternoon with a empty sandwich bag. >> we have poll numbers here. the first one asks, president obama behaves as if spending is not a problem. do you think spending is a problem in 83% yes, 14% say no. >> the first thing you wonder is who is the 17%? >> exactly right. >> that got to have -- again, i can't imagine why somebody says spending is not a problem. >> the question is, because it's an overwhelming result, why wouldn't the white house be at least paying lip service to the idea of -- or greater lip
5:20 am
service to the idea of can you get spending. >> remember father knows best? if the what you say white house was in a sitcom it would be obama knows best. not meaning to be overly critical but it's filled with academics and people who live in theatrical rather than practical. how many hired and fired and made pay role out of their own pocket. that makes a difference. >> how can the president's perception of the country not having a spending problem, since that's i way we behaves and what jay carney suggested, be so at odds with the american public. they take polls. >> they do but i have to think they don't believe them. how else do you explain the policies that go against common
5:21 am
sense except only when you live in the bubble of your own rarefied air and truly believe the peasants don't understand. like nancy pelosi say, we'll know what's in the bill after we pass it. america's going to know what we've gotten into after we've gotten into it. >> tell us what's on your show. >> whitney houston's mom will talk about her relationship. it's a powerful. >> cissy was a great singer. >> and amazing person and how whitney went from a well grounded girl that sang in church to a person who had her life ended by drug addiction. we've been hearing ab cybercrimes. one of the nation's leading experts on that tonight. >> thank you, governor. >> still ahead, your daily cup of coffee may have more caffeine than you need for the entire
5:22 am
day. what you need to know about starbucks and all those energy drinks. >> how about making this valentine's day a movie night. we're sharing hollywood's top romantic movies of all time. like this one. >> i've been doing a lot of thinking, the thing is, i love you. >> what? >> i love you. >> how do you expect me to respond to this? >> how about you love me too? hi. hi. i'm here to pick up some cacti. it should be under stephens. the verizon share everything plan for small business. get a shareable pool of data... got enough joshua trees? ... on up to 25 devices. so you can spend less time... yea, the golden barrels... managing wireless costs and technology and more time driving your business potential. looks like we're going to need to order more agaves... ah! oh! ow! ... and more bandages. that's powerful. sharble data plus unlimited talk and text. now save $50 on a droid razr maxx hd by motorola.
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5:25 am
romantic films are tommyless. if you want to set the mood on valentine's day, and you do. fox news contributor kevin
5:26 am
mccarthy shares his best bets to watch. >> i love >> nice to have you on the couch. >> i'm happy to be here. >> good valentine's day movie, love actually. >> these are not valentine's day per se but this is one of the best romantic coming of all time. the difference between this and valentine's day or new year's eve where you have huge casts, the story dictates the movie. this movie has eight intersecting love stories. anybody who has been in love are relate. lemony san, colin firth, laura linney. bill nihee as the rocker. we have a clip of the song. check this out. >> i feel it in my fingers ♪ ♪ i feel it in my toes >> i feel it in my toes, yeah ♪
5:27 am
♪ love is all around me ♪ all around me. >> funny part is he's a seasoned rocker, recording a christmas version of his song and he hates doing it. i love that movie so much. >> it didn't do well? >> it was a uk film and did well there. >> it's a great movie. >> the next romantic movie you love is when harry met sally. >> the perfect example of a movie where you see a friendship turn into love of. the late, great, nora ephron, we can't get into this bus it's a great sequence, i'll have what she's having u it embodies that perfect relationship. >> the woman in the deli is rob reiner's mother.
5:28 am
>> yes. it's one of the best romantic films of all time. annie hall. >> home run. >> woody hal len. talk about some of the best dialogue. it sounds like music. diane keaton, woody allen. this is the last comedy to win best picture at the oscars. 1978. a comedy has not won best picture. this movie has comedy, romance and new york city. >> let's watch a clip. >> that co see sieve core. >> he's reading his opinions in my year. >> the joy of spirit, the -- i found it incredibly indulgent. he's one of the most indulgent filmmakers. >> i love his dialogue. it's so great. >> is this the one woody allen tries to pick up a woman, what are you doing in i'm committing
5:29 am
suicide. what are you doing later? i'm committing suicide. he's attacked to her. >> and a young christopher walken. >> there was a young christopher walken? >> there was. >> here's a quirky movie, 500 days of summer. >> i call this the anticliche romantic comedy. joseph gordon levitt. you watch the movie and go through the 500 days, 50, then 30 and you see the ups and downs. it's realistic. it doesn't end on the happiest of notes so i feel like it's one you don't love on valentine's day but it's a classic scene where he goes to visit her after a bad moment. a split screen of reality versus expectation. it's one of the best written films. >> nobody couture than zoey. >> i love her.
5:30 am
>> if you're watching, i i love you. >> she is single. >> tweet me. >> a darker version of valentine's day, true romance. >> under all -- this is quentin tarantino's first script. he sold this to tony scott. look at the cast for this film. this is one of the best casts. brad pitt, christian slater, sam jackson, gary you you uldman. you have a beautiful love story, the quote/unquote not chick flick element. >> but there's some bang bang. >> this is not for everybody. this is an action movie but underneath it all is a beautiful romance. and knotting hill, titanic. >> you're the most enthusiastic movie reviewer i've ever seen. >> thank you. >> i'm excited to be on the
5:31 am
couch. thank you for having me. >> thanks for being here. next on the rundown, this first grader had one shot to give his entire school the next monday off. see what happened. [ cheers ] >> that story coming up. you see the dog riding a bike. next, we're going to show you a dog doing some amazing tricks and even a parrot that can sing. tell them your name. what's your name? better be better in a couple of seconds. [ laughter ] [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego.
5:32 am
prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonderhat other questionable choices i've made? [ club scene music ] [ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego.
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5:35 am
a snowy morning in the east. extreme weather pounding the northeast and new england. a live shot of worcester, massachusetts, where it's almost a whiteout. >> we have fox team coverage. look at them there. rick is in mid town and anna in central park. anna, start with you. you look cute. >> absolutely. the national weather service is updating their totals saying there's 11.4 inches on the
5:36 am
ground and it's awesome snow. we've seen a lot of kids coming out with sleds and a few puppy parties here. lots of dogs and owners are enjoying it. 30 million people across the northeast dealing with a foot of snow or more, still coming down in new england states, connecticut with more than 3 feet in places. massachusetts, 2 feet. some people learned their lesson after superstorm sandy. only one death to report, this weather-related in upstate new york. travel bans have helped. they're in place in massachusetts and connecticut, the first time boston has dealt with a travel ban since the blizzard of '78. folks who did choose to get on the roadways are frustrated. >> they're crashing a lot. going to fast. you have to be patient. if you're from new york, you deal with it when it comes. >> power outages, about 650,000
5:37 am
of those. we can tell you 5300 flights have been canceled but the three air parts in new york are -- we just heard they're expected to get flights up and running. in boston and hartford, they're not running anyway place. >> let's go out to rick reichmuth who is not wearing a hat. >> you're right. i came here yesterday and spent the night in the office, so i didn't bring clothes. >> too much information. >> i know. you should see the office. take a look at the pictures that are coming in right now. kind of a pretty scene in new york, if you go 40 miles east across long island and all of new england, it's major problems because of the heaviest snow there and blowing. some of the pictures coming in, one out of maine, they -- i think out of ports, new portsmo, new hampshire. it's 20 inches of snow but it's up against this screen door.
5:38 am
that opens out so they can't get out of the door to get to the cars that are kind of snowed in with the drifts as well. they're trying to -- they messaged me saying they might have to remove the glass to get out. that gives you an idea. check out these cars, the windshield wipers, they put them up. you have to do that. but the car's completely covered and people are going to have a world of hurt trying to get out of their houses. everybody's snowed in. take a look at the maps. the snowfall totals increase add little bit. central park and new york city, 11.4 inches. you see 50 miles to the east and we're at 30.3 in upton, new york. because this morning the manhunt for this ex cop accused of killing three people gets under way. yesterday dozens of police and s.w.a.t. teams scoured the california mountains for any
5:39 am
sign of christopher dorner but they admit he could be anywhere. we're live in big bear lake, california for the latest. is anything happening at this hour? >> first light breaks in about an hour's time and we'll see s.w.a.t. teams return to the mountain. they're wearing ski masks and camouflage and have to get through the 100 cabins they expect he's hiding in. when he abandoned his truck and torched it, he headed up the mountain. there's only certain places he could find shelter. with the temperatures the way they are, 23 degrees, it should get warmer today. it's still very difficult to survive. survival experts are saying if he's having to move to avoid the s.w.a.t. teams, he's going to be exposed and it's difficult because he was down on the coast. he was down where it was warm. he's come up here, potentially unprepared.
5:40 am
they think if he starts to move he could get caught there. they say if he's exposed and his core gets below 60 degrees, he'll get sick soon. but this is a suspected killers. because better weather is expected, helicopters will be up with thermal imaging technology. >> please keep us posted. let's go over to the guys on a lighter note. >> your pet is a member of your family, right? then why not make sure they have the latest in pet products and toys. >> joining us from the super pet expo, eric uller and his furry friends. >> eric is the human. >> i've been treated like animals before. >> good to see you. where is the expo. >> edison new jersey today and tomorrow and five weeks, in
5:41 am
chantilly virginia. >> what is that mini lacrosse stick? >> this is my doggy dumpster. it makes it easy to pick up after your pet. >> hold on, are you chasing after the dog with that to catch the poop? >> no, you could try. it's easier to accuse it on the ground. it's better than a plastic bag. >> cool. >> $19.95. we thunder shirt, it relaxes your pet in a thunderstorm, creating pressure. $39.99. >> it's like a compression sleeve. >> exactly. gives the dog comfort. >> calms them down. >> look how calm that dog is. >> we i know. we had a talk beforehand. >> we have a living animal behind you. >> we do. >> one last product, bing's bark and bakery. home made, human grade
5:42 am
ingredients. great treats. >> i had one before the show and it was good. >> thanks for sharing. >> we also have a bunch of fun-filled family entertainment, including from "america's got talent," sarah and her lovely bird, echo. >> welcome. tell us about echo. >> echo is a 16-year-old double yellow headed amazon, he comes from wisconsin. >> like most parrots from wisconsin. >> he can sing and talk. he has 150 word vocabulary. >> put him through his paces. >> what's your name? he's having a moment this morning, huh? tell 'em hi. >> hi. >> hi. >> how about some spanish, hola. >> hola. >> he's a smart bird. give 'em a whistle. [ whistle [. >> can i borrow him later?
5:43 am
hi, welcome to the show. >> thank you. >> who is your friend? >> yoo-hoo, a lab door mix. >> who? >> yoo-hoo. >> a pretty dog. what does he have on his paws? >> little boots. >> hey, yoo-hoo. >> he's focused on the frisbee. >> he's part of marvelous mutts performance. >> do it. >> ready, with buddy in come on. ready? >> boy, he's into this. >> oh, yeah. oh, yeah. ready? there it is, good boy. >> oh, that's wild. >> one more. >> oh! >> all right. >> good boy. >> that's great. >> good boy. >> thanks, guys. >> i'll take that dog in a second. >> you can't have him. >> make it out to new jersey,
5:44 am
the weather's cleared. >> your daily cup of coffee may have more caffeine than you need for the day. >> they look up to their older sisters, kourtney khloey and kim. kendall and kylie are proud to be generallers and they have a clothing line of their own. i had enough of feeling embarrassed about my skin.
5:45 am
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5:47 am
do you feel you need more jolt from your valve i can't? one serving may be more than you need for the entire day. >> here to explain how much is too much, dr. siegel.
5:48 am
>> good morning. >> i think that's confusion about the relative amounts of caffeine in various beverages. >> this can sneak up on you. you're not aware some has more than others. if you're pregnant, you want to have under 200 milligrams a day. a regular adult who is not pregnant, no more than 400 milligrams. >> start with tea. >> tea has 50 milligrams. teas vary. black tea has 60. they vary but they're low. coca-cola or soda has about 50 to 60. >> in a serving or a whole bottle. >> a whole bottle. but there's a lot of sugar, so the sugar plus the caffeine can jazz you up. >> then we go to -- how about regular coffee. forget the latte, a regular 8-ounce cup of jo.
5:49 am
>> 100 milligrams. some will have five cups a day. when you start having that amount, you get jittery, it interferes with your thinking, heart rate goes up. >> see, we just took a shot of tucker drinking. he gets a vente starbucks but decaf. >> but he told me he's the nicest, sweetest guy, until he has too much caffeine then he gets irritable. >> i'm irritable then caffeine makes me into a monster. >> that happens to a lot of people. >> right. that's starbucks, the grande can have 330 milligrams. you're used to 100 milligrams, you have a grande and get over 300 milligrams. starbucks has more caffeine. you have to know, look on the label and ask how much caffeine you're getting.
5:50 am
long term, another point. long term, the amount of caffeine cuts down on the amount of sleep you get. it blocks your brain from feeling fatigue, so you might be awake more. i'm concerned about long-term effects of losing sleep. >> people love five-hour energy. >> that's over 200 milligrams and people don't think of it in the same way at coffee. that's over 200 milligrams. if you have two a day, you've exceeded the amount you should have for a day. >> they're much more popular. >> they are. there's an especially -- epidemic of energy drinks. up over 80%. >> i'm cutting back on my mountain dew. >> at least today. >> thank you very much. >> the president gets upstaged by a conservative physician as he criticizes the nation's debt load. coming up, meet the man some say ought to run for president himself.
5:51 am
>> and these two ladies know a thing or two about the spotlight. kendall and kylie jenner growing up in one of tv's most famous families. they're next. hi. i'm here to pick up some cacti. it should be under stephens. the verizon share everything plan for small business. get a shareable pool of data... got enough joshua trees? ... on up to 25 devices. so you can spend less time... yea, the golden barrels... managing wireless costs and technology and more time driving your business potential. looks like we're going to need to order more agaves... ah! oh! ow! ... and more bandages. that's powerful. sharble data plus unlimited talk and text. now save $50 on a droid razr maxx hd by motorola. to compete on the global stage. what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy. by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them. that's why at devry university, we're teaming up with companies like cisco to help make sure everyone's is ready
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with the know how we need for a new tomorrow. [ male announcer ] make sure america's ready. make sure you're ready. at ♪
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5:54 am
tucker, check this out. kate upton heating up the cover the sports illustrated swimsuit issue for the second year in a row. she's replaced a bikini with a parka, posing on a ship in antarctica. the issue includes models posing on all seven continents. it hits newsstands tuesday. >> she's much more covered up. >> she's cold. >> hope she's okay. >> students at a maryland school are told they can have the day off after the super bowl in
5:55 am
their first grade friend makes a free throw shot. no pressure. [ cheers ] >> he did it. blake harper, becoming a hero during a pep rally. they got the day off. >> we first saw these girls as young girls on keeping up with the kardashians but they're grown up and jenners and proud. >> kendall and kiley debuted their own clothing line. welcome to you guys. welcome. great to see you. >> thank you. >> it's uncomfortable being on camera. so we'll make this as easy for you as possible. >> how did you come up with these designs? >> this is our line that actually came out yesterday. so it's now in stores and lon line. these are only a few pieces. that's one of my favorite tank tops because its easy and light. >> soft. >> soft, i love it. >> talk about soft, this is perfect.
5:56 am
>> cozy. it's comfy, very casual. there are a few dresses. >> this is our spring line. that's just -- spring can get cold sometimes. >> i know you're designers, i brought a pair of my clothing in. i wanted you to analyze it. >> okay. >> that looks like our clothing line. >> i jog in central park in these. >> you roller bladed in those. >> you've seen me? >> you and the rest of the village people. >> these are cute. >> okay. >> so obviously you're not concerned about all these cameras because you live in the limelight. i read you said you don't have a normal childhood or teenagehood. what is it like? >> i really wouldn't know any different. we started this when i was 9, kendall was 10. so it's like i don't know any different. we're so used to having cameras. >> what do you think of the cameramen? >> it's the same guy since the
5:57 am
first season. so we're so use today everyone. we know everyone well, so it's like. >> so a big furry cameraman in the kitchen every morning. >> when do you say no, i don't feel like it? what's off-limits? >> i think we try to keep our friends off-limits. >> you won't see us with our friends because we're still 15, 17, we want those moments to be normal. >> but you're followed every time you leave by paparazzi. >> yeah. which can get annoying. but. >> do you go to school? >> homeschooled. >> you have to be i guess. >> yeah, i mean we did it for a while. this is our first year of homeschool, so we did like normal school for a while. and we had so much fun because our school was so small and we had the same friends since we were little, so it was easy and nice to have that grounded sense. >> how are you preparing for
5:58 am
your sister, kim's baby? >> well, she -- it hasn't come to me because she's not really showing. it didn't hit me until kourtney, with her first baby, was in >> kourtney is such a good mom. >> she's really into it. >> your mom has good genes. >> thank you for showing these to us. where can we find them? >> on line. >> tweet it out. >> thank you. >> thank you both. >> in two minutes. ♪
5:59 am
get ready for a lot more of that new-plane smell. we're building the youngest, most modern fleet among the largest us airlines to ensure that you are more comfortable and connected than ever. we are becoming a new american. we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn and then treats day afr day... block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] e pill eachmorning. 24 hours. zero heartbur
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>> good morning, everyone, it's a snowy saturday, february 9th. i'm alisyn camerota. nearly a million people are waking up this morning without power after a monster blizzard pounds the northeast, dumping more than two feet of snow in some areas. we have live team coverage of
6:02 am
the storm ahead. >> tucker: and the president gets upstaged by a conservative doctor. who is this man? meet the person some say ought to run for president himself. >> it's dog versus snow blower, find out who wins this one straight ahead. "fox & friends" on this snowy saturday starts right now. ♪ >> all right. everyone, we're tracking this dangerous blizzard that hit the northeast in new england. and check out foxboro, massachusetts where the snow is still coming down, it's piling up on the streets and obviously making for dangerous driving conditions all along the northeast. >> we have fox team coverage of this storm in new york city, there's rick at 48th and 6th and anna. >> alisyn: anna, in
6:03 am
antarctica. >> clayton: do you have your bikini on, yeah. >> reporter: always on under my parka and fluffy coat. and the national weather service upping their totals to 11.4 inches and you can see it's light and fluffy, a really nice snow and we have puppies here having a puppy party and a lot of kids with saucers and sleds. 30 million people across the northeast are dealing with a foot of snow or more, two feet in massachusetts and a lot of folks throughout the northeast learned their lesson following super storm sandy and heeding the warnings. we have one storm-related death in new york state, upstate area and police in new york saying hundreds of cars were stranded on the long island expressway last night. a travel ban is still in place in massachusetts and connecticut the first time boston has dealt with a travel ban like this, since that
6:04 am
terrible blizzard of 1978. everybody remembers, and the snow is still falling in the new england states and folks are trying to plow and shovel and keep up with the snow, but it's falling at such a rate. they're having a tough time doing that. more than 650,000 power outages to report, as for flights, 5300 of those canceled and we didn't just speak with a port authority and they're saying that the three main airports in new york are set to try to really get those flights up in the air this hour, as for boston and hartford, however, those airports don't have any flights leaving there. and guys, back to you, but i want you to see, i've got a present for you here from central park, it's a snow angel. >> alisyn: wow! >> do you like it. >> alisyn: that's great. and we're going to need to see the results in the next love shot. thanks, anna. >> let's go to rick and see what tricks he has up his sleeve for you. >> tucker: try that, rick. >> rick: a snow angel on the mud and muck, not quite as
6:05 am
pretty on the streets of new york, but we didn't get the worst of it, it was to the east of here. an image coming out of boston where they, at this point, have over 21 inches of snow and it's still snowing, take a look at that, that's a street and those are cars that people are having a hard time getting past and that's the top of the fire hydrant, and looks like another car back there that's completely snowed over and another picture out of sea cliff, new york, and you've got na snow blower, you'll need it. it's a tough one. if you wish, send your pictures so we can share them and put them on the website. go to you report. go to the main page and you report. and rick reichmuth on twitter and e-mail to us and take a look at the weather map. snowfall totals have been extreme especially from that central long island stretch through central connecticut and up towards the mass coast
6:06 am
line and maine, i should say. 32.9 inches, west of portland. you broke your all time snowiest storm ever at 29.3 inches and it's still snowing. take a look at the radar picture, you can see the snow that's going there and wind down by about noon today, and though we see a few inches falling by the time it's said and done, across eastern parts of new england there and it's going to be all snow and the wind will continue with us as well. a cold day today and a cold day tonight, quickly look at your temps, temps are going to remain below freezing all day long and take a look at tonight's temps, the bottom drops out of this and it's going to be windy and very, very cold, a lot of people, guys, without power and last i heard, over 160,000 without power. and it's going to be hard to get it back on because they have to go over the snow covered snow. >> 40 inches of snow before it's over?
6:07 am
wow. >> alisyn: and the algerian terrorist that allegedly planned the attack on this natural gas plant last month might be added to an american kill list. senior u.s. officials are pushing to add the terrorist as a target for death or capture. this would expand efforts into northwestern africa, following-- sorry, allowing for drone strikes that have been used mostly in pakistan, yemen and somalia, well, it can be used there as well. it comes as senators are considering a so-called assassination court for the strike which would give approval for the flyover filling. a civil war at home in the united states, that was the plan apparently of this california man who allegedly tried to set off a car bomb. the fbi arrested the 28-year-old after he tried to detonate the explosives outside this bank of america in oakland, colorado, little did he know the bomb was fake, part of a sting operation and the feds say he was a taliban supporter and wanted to cause chaos making the attack look like it it came from an
6:08 am
anti-government group. are you wondering where your tax refund is? the irs is falling way behind on giving people back their money and more than 22 million dollars behind. and at this time the agency issued nearly 27 billion dollars in tax refunds, so far they've issued just more than 4 billion. the irs blames the fiscal cliff discussions and late changes to tax policy. >> who's already done their taxes. >> alisyn: and a portrait has been hanging in an ohio middle school more than six decades and the aclu want it taken down and three people complained so the painting should be removed. the group filed a federal lawsuit over the portrait and the superintendent defended it saying it has historical significance and he has not yet responded to this. >> over 60 years, three he people complained. >> tucker: that's 20 years. get to know dr. benjamin carson out of the great city of baltimore.
6:09 am
the national prayer breakfast is a great event and invite many people to get up and speak, when he stood up with the president right by his side, just two people down, he started talking about limited government, and said they had the president come in, get ready, took his seat and then the good doctor, dr. benjamin carson talked about limited government. now, watch the president. >> our deficit is a big problem, think about it and our national debt (applause) 16 1/2 trillion dollars, do you think that's not a lot of money, tell you what, count one number per second, one number per second, you know how long it would take you to count to 16 trillion, 507,000 years, you make 10 billion dollars you put in a billion. you make $10 you put in one of course get rid of the loopholes, some people say, they say, well, that's not fair because it doesn't hurt the guy who made 10 billion
6:10 am
dollars as much as the guy who made-- where does it say you have to hurt the guy? he just put a billion dollars in the pot. you know? we don't need to hurt him. >> alisyn: he made the point that our tax code is inscrutable to many people and that if you got rid of the loop hopes it would be easier and said that people talk how hard it is to change the tax code. the bible had a good suggestion, it's called tithing, and that's the 10%. >> tucker: and his own views came from husband upbringing. >> making contributions to medicine, hope for people-- >> and die of poverty, poor self-esteem, horrible temper, these things tend to preclude success and they would have in my case, also, but my mother, who had only a third grade education, refused to be a victim. that was the key. she never felt sorry for herself. and that was a good thing, but the problem was she never felt sorry for us either.
6:11 am
you know, there was never an excuse that we could give that was good enough and if we gave an excuse, she would come out with a poem called "yourself to blame" and after a while we just stopped looking for excuses she worked as a domestic and three jobs at a time. she didn't want to be on welfare, even though he she had a third grade education, she notic noticed welfare. >> this guy's life is a representation of the program. and his remarks i would recommend viewers to read. one of them, political correctness is dangerous because this country's founding principles were freedom of thoughts and expression, p.c. muzzles people while the fabric of this country is changed. truer words not spoken. i mean, he will-- my guess a year from now he will
6:12 am
not be just be, he will not just be a pediatric neuro surgeon, he will be some way involved in the political conversation. >> alisyn: he's wildly accomplished. as you heard him say he was poverty stricken grew up in inner city detroit with as he said a poor mom who had to work many jobs, and then became a professor in neurosurgery, plastic surgery, oncology and pediatrics, works at johns hopkins one of the most renowned hospitals in the world and he's a pediatric neurosurgeon and you were saying that he became well-known because he separated siamese twins, phenomenal. >> tucker: yeah, i think for free. flown all over africa to do it, tanzania, he's cutting edge, not a ph.d. in poetry, an actual doctor and a very impressive guy. >> that's great, but i can juggle. (laughter) >> that's impressive.
6:13 am
you just had a dog on a the scooter segment. >> that's right, i can do a cooking segment like nobody else, speaking of doctors, we may not need doctors so much anymore, maybe we can self-diagnose, this high-tech tattoo could soon be doing the work for the doctor. >> tucker: reading, writing and no arithmetic, one state banning algebra for its 8th graders, is that a good idea? or leave the students unprepared? we'll report you decide. ♪ [ male announcer ] it's a rule of nature. you don't decide when vegetables reach the peak of perfection. the vegetables do. at green giant, we pk vegetables only when they're perfect. then freeze them fast so they're are as nutritious as fresh. [ green giant ] ho ho ho. ♪ green giant
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is bigger than we think ... sometimelike the flu.fer from with aches, fever and chills- the flu's a really big deal. so why treat it like it's a little cold? there's something that works differently than over-the-counter remedies. prescription tamiflu attacks the flu virus at its source. so don't wait. call your doctor right away. tamiflu is prescription medicine for treating the flu in adults and children one year and older whose flu symptoms started within the last two days. before taking tamiflu tell your doctor if you're pregnant, nursing. have serious health conditions,
6:16 am
or take other medicines. if you develop an allergic reaction, a severe rash, or signs of unusual behavior, stop taking tamiflu and call your doctor immediately. children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures, confusion or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. the flu comes on fast, so ask your doctor about tamiflu. prescription for flu. >> well, here we go again. after folks all along the east are saying as this massive blizzard brings up to two-feet of snow, in some areas, some
6:17 am
areas even more. the next guest is a resident of new york, a victim of superstorm sandy and the home severely damaged by, and into the home last week. >> i'm amazed you were able to get in from long island, one of the easiest commutes. >> 50 minutes from long beach, streets are good. but you know, with long beach is close enough to the city, the city didn't have that much, you go out to suffolk, i hear it's buried. >> alisyn: now, what did you think when you just got into your home, i mean, people around the country, obviously, are not focused on superstorm sandy anymore, that passed in october and think that everybody is back into their homes and that's not the truth. you just got back into your home this week and what do you think when you heard another massive storm was headed your way. >> not again, not again. you know, it's just -- i tell you though, when i heard it was
6:18 am
snow, didn't bother me as much. i'd rather have 12 feet of snow, water is the worst, and comes and destroys everything. >> we're looking at pictures of the aftermath of your home. >> and look at that. >> it was lifted up in the water. >> alisyn: why did it take so long until just this last week to get back into your house? >> first of all, the amount of work was incredible. second of all, just the contractors, i went through three sets of contractors because they were so busy they took so many jobs that they would only spend like a day at a-- every week in your house, and then they'd come back and i called it one screw a week, come in, turn a screw and come back next week and it was just really horrible, i finally found some guys that came in almost every day and that's when things started happening, but you ended up in the beginning, nobody could find furnaces, there was a shortage of sheet rock, it was just horrible.
6:19 am
>> did you have insurance? >> i had insurance, but it doesn't do any good because-- >> why? >> i got the insurance money, i sent it to the bank and the bank now is making me jump through such hoops, i can't believe it. >> alisyn: wait a minute, you've got the insurance money and put it in your bank? >> no, no, because i have a mortgage, i sent it to the bank because they make it out to you and to the bank. then the bank makes you jump through hoops and this is throughout long beach. people, so many people are sitting there unable to build because the banks are holding the money. >> alisyn: oh, my gosh, so you have insurance, you paid into insurance, but you can't access the money that's due to you. >> correct. so i mean, i'll tell you how silly it got. i spoke to the bank and i said look, i've isn't you receipts, i had to buy sheet rock and receipts. that's not the way it works, you have to go out and get bids, send it to us, and we'll rule on the bids and you know, if we feel the bids are sufficient then we'll cut a check to whom
6:20 am
depot, will the me get this straight, on my contractor needs a box of screws, i have to go out and get a bid for a box of screws and send it to you guys and a couple of weeks later you'll cut a check to home depot? what does my contractor do in the meantime? they said that's the way we do things. >> alisyn: incredible the bureaucracy and red tape. add insult to injury. we're happy to hear this storm has not knocked you out of your house. awe best of luck to you and your wife and telling us about it. >> thank you. >> up next on the rundown, don't think about ordering a second glass of wine before finishing your first. it's illegal. which state is singing the booze blues. the most difficult part of going to college, how you're going to pay for it. and financial expert rachel ramsey telling us where you can find the money. ♪ hi. hi.
6:21 am
i'm here to pick up some cacti. it should be under stephens. the verizon share everything plan for small business. get a shareable pool of data... got enough joshua trees? ... on up to 25 devices. so you can spend less time... yea, the golden barrels... managing wireless costs and technology and more time driving your business potential. looks like we're going to need to order more agaves... ah! oh! ow! ... and more bandages. that's powerful. sharble data plus unlimited talk and text. now save $50 on a droid razr maxx hd by motorola.
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6:24 am
>> well, some quick headlines for you, how about a glass of wine or beer with dinner in utah? not as easy as it seems. that state has some of the strictless laws of alcohol in the country. for instance, it's illegal to order a drink before you order food and you can't order a second drink before the first is gone, drink up. and a temporary tattoo is made of gold and silk, a built in antenna will alert computers if it senses disease. it's not yet available, michael. >> mike: thank you, whether college is months away or years
6:25 am
down the road, the cost is out of hand. what are your financial options and what should you do. let's ask rachel cruz, the daughter of dave ramsey. >> good morning. >> what does it cost for college, private, 30, 40,000 and public around $10,000 a year. >> public around 8 or 9 a year, that's right, cost is getting expensive, but there is he' a way to go to college debt-free. first thing to make a plan. for americans the college describe is one of the highe ee investors they're going to make besides the house, be detailed and look at the options. >> mike: i know, maybe you want to go with some of the best private schools, but you've got to be sensible, go to a school that you can actually afford? >> exactly. yes. go in-state if you have to. take that in-state tuition and look at a community college. and we came out with a tool, the
6:26 am
custom college guide and show you what you can afford and it's possible, and there are options, go look at your options. >> mike: rachel some people go to the community college for two years and on the resume' say they graduated from duke because they went to duke the last two years. >> that's what i advise a lot of high school students to do, take your basic courses to a community college and then transfer, that's right. >> mike: i'm stunned by sometimes, we're not using grants that are available, wasted money. >> yes, i know, scholarships and grants are out there. so go look, even if it takes an hour to fill out an essay or a form, do that, because that could be $200, which if you make $200 in an hour better than most part-time jobs so go look at that and then get to work, work is a great thing to do while in college. if the average college student worked 20 hours a week, they could pay their way through an
6:27 am
in-state school most research has shown. working is possible. >> mike: growing up with a dad like dave and i hope you don't mind me bringing up your dad every time. >> you're fine, i love him. >> mike: how did you pay for college? >> well, actually him and mom did an esa for all three of us, and they started for our college, yeah, we were blessed in that way for sure, but we had to stay in-state at an in-state college and would not pay for an out of state or private college and we had to graduate in four years, if we went over four years it's up to us. >> mike: growing up with a guy like dave, was it a pain. >> people ask that a lot. no, it wasn't, him and mom are great. and teaching us how to handle money and not obsessive, but we learned responsibility and one thing i encourage parents to do teach your kids about money and when they graduate college and know what they're doing with their money and go out and win.
6:28 am
>> mike: rachel, you're good. always great having you on the show. >> oh, thank you so much, mike, appreciate it. >> mike: and speaking of school, reading, writing and no algebra for 8th graders? and is that a good idea or students will be underprepared? and the blizzard doesn't have to be a big headache. get yourself a big pile of snow and make yourself dessert. we're going to do that after the break. ♪ my insurance rates e probably gonna double. but, dad, you've got... [ voice of dennis ] allstate. with accident forgiveness, they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. [ voice of dennis ] indeed. are you in good hands?
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♪ >> welcome back, everyone, let's take a live look at the blizzard as it pounds massachusetts. this is worcester where it's really bad and strong winds are making it hard to see there. the state has been hit the hardest in this storm, in some areas of massachusetts there are more than two feet of snow and as you can see, it's not anywhere close to letting up. let's go to rick reichmuth for the latest. >> we're pushing in a few spots and the wind a blowing a lot. and take a look at the weather map quick. i want to show you a picture out of boston and the picture kind of shows you exactly what's going on and that's a street on
6:33 am
the side of the house that the streets in boston are incredibly narrow as it is, but take a look at it. snow, 20 degrees, still going on and today only to 22 degrees, so we're going to remain cold and continue to see the snow, just over 22 inches in boston and we're going to get a few inches more than that by the time this is said and done. take a look at a couple more pictures quickly. take a look at west port, connecticut and the picture is at the mailbox and they've stopped delivery today for mail even though it's not the official stopping of mail on saturdays, can't get there. take a look at fairfield connecticut as well. and that's a car underneath there. so, he's not getting into that car soon. and one other picture out of upton, new york, out at long island and the national weather service island out there, look at the cars that are buried under. a serious situation today across parts of eastern long island and show you two things, first the
6:34 am
snowfall totals that are extreme. as we move forward, another storm that we're watching, actually a few that we're watching, across the west, significant snow today in arizona and that transitions tomorrow in a blizzard across the northern plains and so another blizzard, this time, 12 to 16 inches of snow cross parts of the dakotas and nebraska and blowing, obviously, along with the same storm, we have a severe weather threat today down across parts of texas and tomorrow, that moves in across parts of the deep south and could be looking at tornados as well. keep your pictures running in to us, you report here on the fox news page and send them to me on twitter, rick reichmuth as well nd tucker, i ok page and think they will be trying to eat some of this snow. >> mike: that's ironman. >> tucker: this is one of the great stories ever. when life sends you a blizzard, makes blizzard-ade. that's her answer to the weather we've been having, she's here
6:35 am
how to make fantastic dessert over the white stuff. >> mike: the fire department is going by, what's going on? >> and had some, too. >> mike: first of all, very important topic, where did you get the snow? there's no yellow out here? >> no, this is clean, fresh snow, and don't eat the yellow snow, yes, this is clean snow and we'll start out making snow pudding using actual snow, a cup of milk, half a cup of chicago, half a teaspoon of havevanilla extract and whip this around and you want to do this for me, be my assistant. >> six cups of snow, dump that, very nice. >> i've never had snow. >> i haven't either. >> and do this for me right here. >> and another? >> yes. >> okay. >> more snow and this is going to be snow pudding, now, you could actually just serve this up right away. >> is that snow from 6th avenue? >> actually they went out and
6:36 am
got it for us. >> that's midtown snow. >> great. >> it's clean snow flown in from the midwest. and your handwritten recipe. >> milk, half cup sugar, six cups fresh snow. >> the pudding is almost ready, you want to try it. >> absolutely. >> all right, here we go. >> and that snowplow hit something in the background. >> tucker: what's the shelf life for the snow pudding. >> until you want to eat it or put it in the freezer and eat it later. >> tucker: it looks fantastic. what else-- >> how is it? >> it's not bad. >> tucker: it's not bad. >> mike: not bad at all. >> tucker: and snowballs. >> that's after this, this is snow cones we're going to do. literally dip the cup into the snow. >> it's cold here, and drizzle the maple syrup on top and this is super easy and do it with the kids and no heating required.
6:37 am
>> couldn't you put any flavor in there. >> you could, this is a vermont throw back with the maple syrup. >> and the families watching this, what to do with the power. >> take them outside and make the snow cones. >> great with something like that. >> watermelon, whatever you guys want. >> if you live in new york like we do, and not sure if you want to eat the snow, this is a snowball dessert, has sugar, whipped topping, sour cream, pecans and marchino cherries and freeze it. >> leave it in the snow bank. >> tucker, do you want to try some. >> that looks good. >> tucker: and your website has the recipes. >> it does, she >> tucker: this could affect my girlish figure here.
6:38 am
>> bananas there. >> yes, bananas, pineapples, cherries. >> i'm going to make a quick one for alley because she feels left out. >> alisyn: i do, like i want that don't give me any yellow snow. >> mike: this is for alley right there. >> you can find the recipes on chef >> tucker: you're good, i'm impressed. and ali, back to go you. >> i'll be waiting for that, thanks so much, guys. meanwhile, get your headlines, a british man under arrest for a facebook post threatening to shoot kids in tennessee and they arrested this man and charged him with threatening to kill. and the post said i'm going to kill hopefully at least 200 before i kill myself. it was made on a memorial page for the victim of a mass shooting. and that threat led to tighter security in warren county, tennessee reportedly around
6:39 am
3,0 3,000. >> and president obama preparing to cut the nuclear arsenal by a third and the president will unveil the plan as early as tuesday in the state of the union address, scaling back the number of warheads would save the pentagon billions of dollars as, but the plan could cut spending as russia and china continue to spend more on their systems. and students in california will not have to worry about passing algebra anymore, they won't be taking it. the state has done away with the requirement for 8th graders to take the class, falling in line with the core standards rolled out across the country. and under those standards, the students can chase an alternative course which standardized tests will stay focused on and critics say they leave the students unprepared for college. a fox news alert. this morning the manhunt for that ex-police officer accused of killing three people gets underway again. yesterday dozens of police and
6:40 am
s.w.a.t. teams scoured the california mountains for any signs of christopher dorner, they admit he could be anywhereby now. dominic di-natale is live with the latest on the search. what's happening there. >> it's first light on day three, the biggest manhunt that the west coast has ever seen. and behind me here in the sheriff's offices we're seeing the officers turn up and 24 being brought out today to help in the search and it's not just about to find christopher dorner, it's about public safety, because residents here had to spend a second night with a suspected killer in their midst and also, on top of that, terrorists scared away and they have said they're suffering and public safety, here is how they described it. >> we're continuing to provide as much security as we can to the community of big bear. our commitment is it to make
6:41 am
sure that, number one, our deputies are safe in this search, but in addition, making sure that this community is safe. we're going to continue searching until either we discover that he left the mountain or we find him, one of the two. >> we are not having any schedules or media conferences from san bernardino county sheriff's office today, they say they're only going to go they are the media together if there is anything new to develop and of course, they're struggling to make process primarily because of the weather, but we have conditions today and higher temperatures and bring in the helicopters at long last, now, which had been helping them. and thermal imaging software technology that they use is absolutely essential and helps them cover a much wider area and s.w.a.t. teams out and calm mow because there are fears that dorner could be indeed be preparing an ambush for them and don't want to take any chances at all. >> of course they don't. dominique di-natale, thank you
6:42 am
for the update. let's hope the search can end quickly. well, coming up, it is dog versus snow blower. find out who wins this epic battle next and seems our country is more divided than ever before. how can we get washington to work together? our next guest has an interesting theory. but first let's check with brenda buttner on cost of freedom business block. >> good morning, because of the storm coverage the cross of freedom will kick off at two o'clock today. while the northeast is snowed in, are 7 million people across the country about to get snowed under by the health care law. the government warning their insurance is about to go away. didn't the president say that wouldn't happen and now that saturday mail is going away, is it time to take the post office private before we see less of the mailman and workers demanding payments for the late night e-mails.
6:43 am
should they get it? the cross of freed-- cost of freedom at a special time today. 2 p.m. ite lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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6:46 am
>> welcome back, we're continuing to get more and more pictures of this developing story from the blizzard, impacting the northeast, this is a picture from d.o.t., department of transportation in new york of the long island expressway, take a look at all of these cars that were stranded and had to be abandoned on the expressway. that's very heavy snow that came through. these cars are still there and it's going to take a very long time before they can get in and begin to clear these roads. and unfortunately, still seeing some snow across that area, and also, please keep sending your pictures, you can report and send them to us. take a look at the weather map, the last of the radar, three to four more hours of snow before this thing completely exits the coast as you move in closer here, you can see it finally winding down across upstate new
6:47 am
york and western new england, and a cold day today on tap and a cold night tonight. we're going to see temperatures dropping into the single digits for almost everyone and the next three days shaping up like this. the greater areas, temps today still very cold tomorrow. we have a system moving in. and rain that will melt your snow and 40 degrees for a couple of days will help and folks are beginning to dothe recovery process. >> thank you very much, nation is more divided than it's ever been. a white house controlled by democrats and a house controlled by republicans and americans realizing the two parties don't get along and they may be playing into this, a brand new poll by fox and shows 48% of the country thinks we're weaker and
6:48 am
less powerful than five years ago and how do we get the various factions to work together. and joining us now with his ideas on that, frank, thanks for joining us. what is your theory how we can get two parties and groups of americans who fundamentally disagree with each other to work together? >> well, we can get rid of the polarization and we do that by using the theory of cooperation. >> and tell us what that is. >>co-optician is cooperation and competition and they work in the dynamic and use it as a paradigm to solve problems. what people don't realize is the theory of cooperation and competition is in everything, you find it in snowflakes,
6:49 am
crystals, you find it in your daily life and if we understand that we meet-- we need to be both cooperative and to be competitive. >> and competitive. >> and well, we're certainly-- i just want to put up on the screen to our viewers how competitive america has become and divisive this administration is in the minds of most americans. here is the breakdown. the obama administration is approved of by just 10% of republicans, but 86% of democrats, a thumbs up. 76% difference, tied for the all time high on the last administration. and this country doesn't agree with itself, does it? >> no, and i think if they understand that there's a way of melding their opposition points
6:50 am
into a single dynamic, then they can better understand the problem. >> yeah. >> you see, cooperation is akin to order and chaos is askin to competition. so, if you have too much competition, you have chaos, and you have too much cooperation. >> there's no balance between the two. >> the growth. and i call it a-- i'm sorry, we're out of time, but i want to let our viewers know the book is the tortoise shell game. we're grateful to talk to you this morning, thank you very much. >> very nice, thank you. >> tucker: how about warming up this valentine's day with a trip to the bahamas, last minute travel deals for you and your sweetheart. ♪
6:51 am
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>> it's almost valentine's day, but you can still score a great travel deal if you want to whisk your sweetie off it a romantic get away. >> alisyn: the senior editor of travelocity. not too long for a romantic get away. >> no, roses and chocolate, but if you want to up the ante, you can have a vacation, we're starting out with a serene escape in san diego and no blizzard conditions, just gorgeous weather and 686 dollars and a stay at the hotel in la jolla.
6:55 am
and the spas recently renovated and a couples secret gardens massage, that sounds really great. >> alisyn: it does. >> you're close to torrey pines golf course and watch them play and-- >> this was my hometown and i was just at the hotel, pretty nice for 686 with air fare? >> that's incredible. >> for a last minute, it departs on valentine's day. >> mike: i want to go to vegas. >> this includes a flight, a stay at the hotel and spa and two complimentary tickets to cirque du soleil and lots, love this for couple because it's a no gaming property. no casino in the lobby, none of that cigarette smoke in and out. less rowdy, more sophisticated.
6:56 am
>> if you want to play pike out, you have to go out. >> more for couples that want to enjoy, shopping and entertainment. >> mike: nothing else to do except hang out with each other. >> tucker: speaking of nothing else to what, about will a cruise. >> 279 dollars three-night from miami, norwegian sky, 12 decks, 11 lodges and a spot in the casino, got your casino here, but i mean, there's going to be so much to do you won't be able to fill it into three days and includes a room with a view, of the sea and upgrades on balcony. >> alisyn: ooh-la-la, a great deal for $279. now, if you want to spend a little bit more, $819, go to coa costa rican. >> and a bungalow, 818 at the eco lodge. it's nestled and tucked away in a lush tropical for rest and has to-die for infinity pool that looks out over a
6:57 am
valley and you cannot do anything, but relax. >> tucker: and dp on vacation with these. >> international destination, costa rican is stunning, and if you love to surf. >> tucker: if your man says he can't afford it, he's lying. >> i'm not saying anything, but these are good deals. >> alisyn: and beaver creek. >> 1,318, you're staying at the pines lodge, a rock resort, mountain luxury, ski and access to beaver creek mountain, ski by day, operate by night, cuddled by the fire and magical for the rockies. >> and find them at travelocity. >> all the deals are there, and what are you doing. >> i'm having a romantic get away in new york. >> a staycation. >> alisyn: courtney, thank you so much. >> more "fox & friends" in two minutes, don't go away.
6:58 am
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